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Leather Leads

The Leather Dog Leads are made from Premium Bridle Leather, which has a consistent grain and thickness. The Leather Leads are available in traditional colours: Black, Tan, Red & Tartan and use Heavy Gauge Fixings, that compliment the smooth texture of the strong leather leads. The Leads use Strong Industrial Stitching in a Flag Pattern for Extra Strength around the Heavy Gauge Metal Fixing.

Leather is a Natural material which has a number of benefits, it looks wonderful, is strong and water repellant. However if your dog is guilty of constantly chewing or enjoys swimming, it is advisable to purchase a synthetic fibre such as nylon for both your collar and lead, which are also available on this website.

We also stock Leather and Chain Dog Leads suitable for all breeds, in various sizes.


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Ancol Sewn Leather Dog Lead - Black

Ancol Sewn Leather Dog Leads

You Pay: £4.45  | RRP: £5.95  | Save: 26%

The Ancol Leather Dog Leads shown on this page are tough, hard wearing and water repellent, made from premium bridle... Read more

12mm x 101cm  -  You Pay: £4.45  | RRP: £5.95  | Save: 26%
19mm x 101cm  -  You Pay: £5.95  | RRP: £7.95  | Save: 26%
25mm x 101cm  -  You Pay: £6.75  | RRP: £8.95  | Save: 25%


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Tartan Sewn Leather Dog Leads

Ancol Tartan Sewn Leather Dog Leads

You Pay: £5.75  | RRP: £7.95  | Save: 28%

The Ancol Leather Tartan Dog Leads shown on this page are screen printed onto premium bridle leather that has a... Read more

12mm x 101cm  -  You Pay: £5.75  | RRP: £7.95  | Save: 28%
16mm x 101cm  -  You Pay: £6.15  | RRP: £8.45  | Save: 28%

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Timberwolf Leather Dog Lead

Ancol Timberwolf Leather Dog Leads

You Pay: £6.50  | RRP: £8.45  | Save: 24%

The Ancol Timberwolf Leather Dog Lead shown on this page is hard wearing, tough and water repellant, made from the... Read more

19mm x 61cm  -  You Pay: £6.50  | RRP: £8.45  | Save: 24%
19mm x 101cm  -  You Pay: £6.95  | RRP: £8.95  | Save: 23%

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