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  Arden Grange Senior Dog Food
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Arden Grange Senior Chicken & Rice Dog Food 12kg

Brand: Arden Grange   |  5028399607346
£31.45   | RRP: £37.40  | Save: 16%


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Arden Grange Senior Chicken & Rice Dog Food has been formulated to support the dietary needs of the older dog, with the correct levels of protein, fat, minerals and vitamins. Arden Grange Senior is lower in protein and oil than the adult varieties, with fewer calories making the senior recipe ideal for older dogs that are less active, that don't require an energy dense food.

Before changing your dog to any senior diet it's worth asking yourself a few simple questions to make sure it's the correct decision. As just like people, dogs age at different rates there's no magic number, every dog is different for instance is your dog full of life? Is your dog more lethargic? Do they still manage to walk or play for the same amount of time?

If you believe after answering the questions that your dog is still young at heart and active we recommend you keep your dog on an adult food until they show signs of aging or slowing down.

But if your dog is less active and more sleepy then it's probably a good idea to change to a senior dog food like Arden Grange, that's been formulated to cater for the needs of the older dog.

Arden Grange senior contains ethically produced human grade chicken, no battery farmed chickens are used and contains L Carnitine which helps to increase the conversion of fat to energy, helping your dog maintain a lean body mass. The levels of glucosamine and chondroitin have also been increased to help protect the joints in old age, as well the levels of MSM a natural pain killer that may also improve mental alertness and relieve stress.

Arden Grange Senior Chicken & Rice can be fed to adult dogs from the age of 7 years onwards, but dogs age at different rates, the recipe is ideal for dogs when they start to show signs of old age, such as a lower exercise tolerance, sleeping more and joint stiffness. Signs of aging vary from one breed to the next, but as with humans your dog's hearing, vision and sense of smell will often diminish over time, giant breeds such as mastiffs or great danes will age much faster, whilst small breeds like yorkshire terriers can remain relatively youthful until the age of 12 or more!

Feeding your dog a premium senior food like arden grange, that has been specifically formulated for older dogs, with optimal levels of nutrients and high quality ingredients that are easy to digest and metabolise, may also help to slow the degenerative process and prolong your dog's overall quality of life, avoiding health issues like obesity that can cause diabetes, joint disease, cardiac and respiratory problems.

Like all arden grange dog foods the senior recipe is hypoallergenic, contains prebiotics to help remove harmful bacteria thereby reducing digestive upsets, by encouraging the growth of friendly gut bacteria and is free from wheat gluten, dairy products, beef, soya as well as artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives.

The symptoms of food allergies vary from digestive disorders to skin complaints, but feeding your dog a hypoallergenic food, such as arden grange is less likely to trigger an adverse food reaction than non-hypoallergenic, meat derivative based pet foods that may contain artificial colours and flavours. As they normally do not specify exactly what you are feeding your dog, making it extremely difficult to exclude ingredients that may cause an adverse food reaction or intolerance!

Lastly arden grange senior contains natural antioxidant vitamins A, C, E, beta carotene, rosemary oil and yucca extract to inhibit the formation of destructive free radicals, omega 3 & 6 fatty acids in the correct ratios for good skin and coat condition and reduce inflammation, swelling and pain caused by ageing joints as well as cranberry extract to help maintain urinary tract health.

Arden Grange Senior - Nutritional Information:

- Contains Prebiotics
- Protein 22%, Oil 12%, Fibre 2.75%, Ash 5.5%
- Grade A Fresh Chicken to Maximise Digestibility
- Hypoallergenic senior chicken and rice dog food recipe
- Omega 6 & 3 fatty acids in correct ratios for a healthy skin and coat
- Added antioxidants and vitamins to help maintain a healthy immune system
- Balanced minerals and Cranberry extract to help maintain urinary tract health


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Customer Reviews

Arden Grange Senior Chicken & Rice Dog Food 12kg Arden Grange Senior Chicken & Rice Dog Food 12kg: 5 stars out of 5 based on 8 user reviews and 40 votes.

Brian J 20 Jan 2014
5 star

Clear and simple ordering, very quick next day delivery and a great product at a very competitive price. Excellent service all round and will return for the next order.

Lesley R 18 Feb 2013
5 star

Dog food arrived on time and packed very well, I am very pleased with my purchase my dogs love this food I will use this site again cheapest price I could find and excellent service.

S A 01 Jun 2012
5 star

Quick delivery and at the cheapest price I could find anywhere else, for arden grange senior either online or in a shop, thank you very much and will use you again when I next need dog food.

Daniel j 05 Oct 2011
5 star

Very happy with service and would happily use again

Daniel j 21 Sep 2011
5 star

Very happy with service and would happily use again

Miss I 05 Apr 2011
5 star

Hello, I placed an order for 2 x 16kg bags of Arden Grange Senior Chicken & Rice dog food on 24th March 2011. Totally to my surprise it actually arrived the next day before midday! This is really excellent service! I will certainly order from you in future! I have also recommended you to other dog owners, for your helpful, excellent service and delivery! As for the Arden Grange Senior Chicken and Rice, my dogs love it! I have 2 dogs aged 7 (a German Shepherd) and 14 (a X-Corgi)! This food is also excellent in their Kong toys and also as a little treat (when training), I would just like to say again thank you very much for the excellent service! kind regards, Ilona

Anne b 17 Feb 2011
5 star

excellent service from ordering to delivery. dog food great. i have 2 labradors aged 12yrs old they are settled on it . anne.

Michael G 13 Aug 2010
5 star

Easy to place order and was delivered very quick

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