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  Denes Wholegrain Dog Mixer 10kg
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Denes Wholegrain Dog Mixer 10kg

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Denes Wholegrain Mixer should be used to supplement wet dog food, for example Canned Dog Food, Frozen Dog Food, and Petox Chubs to provide a nutritionally balanced diet.

Denes Mixer is fortified with extra vitamins, minerals and trace elements, including Calcium for strengthening teeth and bones, the crunchy texture of the mixer provide necessary exercise for maintaining clean teeth and healthy gums. The Denes Wholegrain recipe may also help in the dietary control of diabetes and some forms of colitis.

Denes Wholegrain Mixer if used with canned dog food should be mixed with an equal volume of quality canned dog food. An individual dog's requirements may differ depending on their size, age and condition.

Nutritional Information:

Protein 11%, Oil 2%, Ash 7.5%, Fibre 4%