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  Premium Sunflower Hearts for Wild Birds
  • Premium Sunflower Hearts for Wild Birds
  • Bulk Sunflower Hearts 22.6kg

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Bakery Grade Sunflower Hearts 22.68kg

£38.95   | RRP: £54.99  | Save: 30%


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We only sell Premium Sunflower Hearts, also known as Bakery Grade Sunflower Hearts that are traditionally used in bakery products, that are packed full of energy and harvested from only the plumpest black sunflower seeds in a crop, that are de-hulled and cleaned by machine to leave just the edible heart of the sunflower.

So there's NO waste or mess to clear up after your birds making them a firm favourite with our wild bird food customers, especially as we now sell them in economical 22.68kg bulk sacks with Free Delivery.

Unlike confectionary sunflower hearts that are much poorer in nutrition, our bakery grade sunflower seeds are higher in beneficial mono and polyunsaturated fats, amino acids, high in protein, vitamin E an excellent antioxidant, fibre, cooper, folate, zinc, iron and phytochemicals. The inferior medium striped sunflower varieties that are de-hulled and used in the confectionary trade for chocolate and sweets, but also used in some cheap wild bird seeds simply don't come up to scratch!

All the sunflower seeds sold on our website regardless of size or variety are 100% natural and additive free, including the hearts used in the wild bird food blends, that are cleaned to a purity level of 99.9%, to ensure you only feed high quality seeds to your hungry garden birds to help them thrive.

What's more sunflower hearts can be mixed with other tasty ingredients to create an enticing high energy blend such as suet pellets, peanut granules and mealworms to rival any expensive wild bird food you can buy, that's suitable for summer or winter feeding helping to reduce your bills.

While it's true de-hulled sunflower hearts are more expensive, than either black or striped seeds, there's no wastage as the entire seed can be eaten by your birds, whereas approximately only half the weight of a sunflower seed with its shell is edible.

So you could argue that as long as you are NOT paying more than twice as much, hearts are better value for money, especially in bulk sizes even if you do find yourself topping up bird feeders more frequently.

As the seed hearts are completely edible, they offer wild birds a source of food that's quick and easy, bursting with energy and can be fed all year round regardless of season, that's almost like fast food as no time is spent cracking open the husks, saving valuable energy, but more importantly are especially useful during the cold winter months and early spring when many of our native wild bird species are struggling to survive.

Hearts are also known as sunflower kernels in the USA are eaten by nearly all our Native UK Wild Birds, even traditional non seed eaters with thin pointed beaks have developed a taste for them, including Robins, Blackbirds and Thrushes, as they are high in calories due to their oil content, but also low maintenance as there's almost NO mess to clear up under wild bird feeders, stands or tables.

Making them an ideal choice for keen gardeners who want the birds to visit, but do not want to clean up after them. Our sunflower hearts are always fresh and nutritious, but also importantly have not been stored in a warehouse for months, so they appeal to large variety of birds, particularly the smaller species such as blue tits which must eat a quarter of their body weight in food per day to survive the cold winter months in the UK.

Are Sunflower Hearts worth the extra money?

While black oil sunflowers and striped sunflower seeds are popular with many native species, hearts attract more wild birds than both of the seeds combined, as the beaks of some wild birds can't remove the tough outer husks of the seeds, consequently many high quality wild bird foods contain them to attract as many wild birds to your garden as possible! Sunflower hearts are also versatile and can be fed all year round using any tubular seed feeder, bird table, ground feeder, window feeder or simply placed directly on the ground.

Without doubt if you want to attract as many wild birds into your garden as possible with the absolute minimum amount of effort, we always recommend to those customers they feed sunflower hearts, if nothing else as no other seed variety including black oil sunflowers or striped sunflower seeds, is so readily eaten by all UK birds, even those that are too small or weak to crack open the shells of sunflower seeds and leaves virtually no mess for bird enthusiasts to clear up!

One reason why some customers start feeding sunflower hearts is to attract Goldfinches, as they quite simply adore the seed and virtually guarantees you will be visited regularly providing you keep your feeder stocked up with a fresh supply of seeds. Just read the reviews and comments online if you are in any doubt over the claims, but for most bird lovers it's money well spent.

The sunflower hearts we sell online are the bakery grade variety, that are free from harmful chemicals, not the cheap inferior, low quality bird seeds sold by some online sellers, that have been screened to ensure you receive only high quality hearts, so you won't find squashed or damaged seeds amongst the sunflowers in the bag, so why not purchase your bulk wild bird foods from us at affordable prices?

Feeding advice for Sunflower Hearts

Sunflower hearts are eaten by almost all UK wild bird species for example Goldfinch, Blackbird, Blue Tit, Bullfinch, Chaffinch, Coal Tit, Collared Dove, Great Tit, Greenfinch, House Sparrow, Jackdaw, Mistle Thrush, Redwing, Robins, Song Thrush, Tree Sparrow and Wood Pigeon.

Please note although hearts are eaten by virtually all wild birds and extremely good value for money in bulk sizes, Pipits and Wrens will only take these if mealworms or insects are not available! All our sunflower seeds, monkey nuts, whole peanuts and granules are tested for mould and aspergillus for the health and safety of your garden birds, allowing you to buy your bird food from us with complete confidence.

We sell many of our wild bird foods, in large economical bulk sizes including bakery grade sunflowers, as it allows us to offer our customers free delivery and makes sense as customers don't have to keep popping out to their local pet shop, supermarket or garden centre to buy small expensive bags to top up feeders, just look out for the Free Delivery offers on the website.

Nutritional Information & Features

- 100% natural and additive free
- Protein 24%, 640 calories per 100g
- Husk free so there's less mess or waste
- Sunflower hearts can be fed all year round
- Rich in oil, high in protein, calories and beneficial fats
- Available in economical 22.68kg bags with free delivery
- Can be fed from a wild bird table, seed or ground feeder
- Eaten by a wide variety of wild birds, including non seed eaters
- Bakery grade sunflowers hearts, not cheap confectionary striped seeds
- Can be mixed with single seed varieties or straights to create your own wild bird food


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Customer Reviews

Bakery Grade Sunflower Hearts 22.68kg Bakery Grade Sunflower Hearts 22.68kg: 5 stars out of 5 based on 15 user reviews and 75 votes.

Judy B 18 Jul 2013
5 star

Friendly and efficient customer service. Prompt delivery. Wonder if the birds need therapy for their addiction since they are on their fifth sack in as many months. Great product - no dust or waste.

J e 11 Jul 2013
5 star

Excellent service very quick delivery, excellent quality no other company like it.

J e 14 Apr 2013
5 star

Very good next day delivery. Very good quality

Eddie N 13 Apr 2013
5 star

Excellent service arrived day after ordering, the birds love them tremendous varity of birds feeding from the feeders & table a joy to watch

Serinne 28 Dec 2012
5 star

delivered same day I ordered them, the birds love these so much so I have now got 3 feeders with these in, however I mix them with peanut granules to make them go further, Excellent value and quality well impressed

Brian L 18 Oct 2012
5 star

This is the third sack I have bought, it's quite suprising how much and how quickly the 'little darlings' can eat them. As far as I am concerned this is a high quality product.

Roseanne K 13 Sep 2012
5 star

These sunflower seeds, which I have been buying for some time, are excellent. The birds visiting my garden love them, so much so that they will no longer eat ordinary seed mixture.

S D 03 Sep 2012
5 star

They are prompt, courteous and deliver when they say they will. The bird food goes down a treat with the various species (four-legged and two-winged) in our garden.

Roger S 08 Jun 2012
5 star

Big bag of excellent sunflower hearts at very good price, delivered overnight excellent service. Can't myself vouch for the flavour but the birds love them and no husks to clear up

Matthew 28 Apr 2012
5 star

What can I say excellent service, the sunflower hearts are great value for money and free delivery is a bonus, I highly recommend the site :)

Mr K 29 Mar 2012
5 star

Great quality @ a great price definitely the way to buy . Quick delivery

Caroline H 29 Aug 2011
5 star

Very happy with the product and rapid delivery.

Angela 21 Jul 2011
5 star

The birds love these and there is no mess for the pigeons ! They arrived very quickly. I will buy them again

David J 13 Aug 2010
5 star

Nothing to complain about. Sale perfectly executed.

D D 13 Aug 2010
5 star

Arrived very quickly. Very good

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