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  Fat Balls for Wild Birds
  • Fat Balls for Wild Birds
  • Suet to Go Insect Fat Balls for Wild Birds 90g
  • Wild Bird Fat Balls 90g & 500g

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Fat Balls for Wild Birds

Brand: Johnston & Jeff   |  5031871106909


Fat Balls (25 Pack)  -  You Pay: £5.25
Fat Balls (100 Pack)  -  You Pay: £19.95
Insect Fat Balls (50 Pack)  -  You Pay: £9.95
Fat Balls Large (20 Pack)  -  You Pay: £19.95

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Our premium Fat Balls are a mixture of fat, peanut flour, mixed seed or dried insects, that are high in energy and an extremely popular food source all year round with a wide variety of wild birds such as robins, finches, wrens, sparrows, dunnocks, starlings, siskins, nuthatches & tits.

The key ingredient in fat balls is suet, that is manufactured using pure refined animal or vegetable fat, which is then mixed with cereals and seeds to produce the fat balls birds love! We also now stock suet to go insect fat balls manufactured by unipet that contain dried mealworms and water flys that are sold in economical boxes of 50 balls, that birds find simply irresistible.

Suet is one of the most concentrated, easily metabolised high energy foods available for wild birds, that is used to produce a variety of fat based wild bird foods, including suet pellets, cakes, blocks and coconuts, that is relished by all bird species and will keep them returning again and again for more.

Customers who regularly make fat balls and suet pellets available, will usually find demand for them increases during the winter months, when food is scarce and carries on until the early summer to satisfy the high energy requirements for nesting and raising young fledglings.

Do your fat balls contain cheap fillers?

All our fat balls we sell online don't contain bulking materials such as sand, chalk or waste which is perfectly legal, but completely immoral and still found in some cheap inferior fat balls imported into the UK, that are sold to pet shops and garden centres by un-reputable wild bird food suppliers. The fat balls, suet pellets and natural coconut fat feeders we sell only use high quality suet, that is extremely palatable, high in essential energy and will even cope with cold frosty weather conditions allowing you to place them out regardless of the season.

Fat balls will attract wild birds that require soft nutrition rather than seeds or peanuts, especially smaller bird species, as they provide them with an important source of nutritious high energy food throughout the year, but also are a substitute for insect protein, making fat balls suitable for feeding young fledglings that require insect protein for healthy growth and development.

Wild bird fat balls are also important for mid-sized birds who need a high-protein food they can swallow quickly instead of spending time cracking and swallowing smaller seeds such as millet and will provide your birds with an alternative source of insect protein, that is missing from a wild bird's diet in the cold winter months, when insects are scarce. Due to customer demand we now sell both small 95g and 500g fat balls in large economical bulk boxes, with Free UK Mainland Delivery!

Please note all our fats balls, including the new insect fat balls we sell on the website are now supplied without the mesh netting, for the safety and welfare of the wild birds that visit your garden, as birds will some times get claws stuck on the mesh nets, causing unnecessary stress or even damage to claws.

We always advise removing any mesh netting from fat balls, if purchased from another bird food supplier and feeding them from a suitable fat ball feeder or bird table for the safety of your birds!

Fat Balls

- No nasty fillers
- Packed with energy
- Contain essential fats and oils
- Appeal to wide variety of birds
- Blend of suet, nutritious seeds and insects


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Customer Reviews

Fat Balls for Wild Birds Fat Balls for Wild Birds: 5 stars out of 5 based on 3 user reviews and 15 votes.

Lee 27 Dec 2011
5 star

Great service and great product - my usual supplier would have charged me more than twice as much and the birds in my garden (which are quite fussy and totally ignore many types of fatballs - even the more expensive ones that don't have artificial "fillers") absolutely love these ones. Will definitely be back for more once these are finished!

Yvonne C 17 Feb 2011
5 star

Excellent value, well packed, good quality.

Rose S 17 Feb 2010
5 star

Much better value than having to get small bags from the market every week. Everything so easy to find within the store and order. The birds love it too!!!

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