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  Hemp Seed for Wild Birds by Johnston and Jeff

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Hemp Seed for Wild Birds By Johnston & Jeff 12.5kg

Brand: Johnston & Jeff   |  5031871982374
£29.95   | RRP: £41.99  | Save: 29%


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Hemp Seed is rich in oil and protein, but also contains the highest level of fatty acids of any seed type, with all the essential amino acids and oils in the correct ratios for health and wellbeing. Hemp seed should be mixed sparingly with other straight seed varieties or wild bird seed mixtures as birds will gain weight quickly if fed solely on the seed.

Hemp seed is the by product of farming the hemp plant for it's fibre and biomass, that has an almost complete amino acid profile compared to other seed varieties, with a protein content second only to soy beans and approximately half the oil content of linseed. Hemp seed is eaten by most garden wild birds, but especially finches and is used by anglers to attract and catch carp, as it's relatively cheap in comparison to specialist carp fishing baits, but is also simple to prepare too!

Hemp seeds contains only healthy edible oils that are high in essential fatty acids including linoleic acid and omega 6 & 3 fatty acids, that are actually nuts not seeds, that are highly nutritious and taste similar to pine nuts or sunflower hearts that are found in most premium wild bird foods.

Hemp seeds also contain beneficial minerals and trace elements, for instance phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, copper and manganese, but also adequate levels of calcium and iron, which cage and aviary bird breeders add in small quantities to encourage breeding and to improve a bird's colouration.

Hemp seed can used in seed feeders or on bird tables and is loved by Chaffinch, Bramblings, Bullfinches, Buntings, Greenfinches, Nuthatches, Sparrows, Blue Tits, Marsh Tit, Willow Tits and Woodpeckers.


Customer Reviews

Hemp Seed for Wild Birds By Johnston & Jeff 12.5kg Hemp Seed for Wild Birds By Johnston & Jeff 12.5kg: 5 stars out of 5 based on 1 user reviews and 5 votes.

Sparks B 13 Dec 2012
5 star

The delivery service was excellent - very good communication and speedy. The birds are enjoying the seeds!

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Customer Questions

Debbie 22 Jul 2013

Asked :I have chickens and wanted to buy seeds for healthyness. Are these sterile seeds? I understand they will not grow the canabas or hemp plant, so is it safe to have them for legal purposes I'd like to know. thank you :)

Valu-Direct Pet Supplies replied : The Hemp Seeds sold on the website are a different variety to those cultivated for illegal highs, the seeds are high in beneficial fibre, sterile and if tested by the Police would reveal they are not the correct variety for smoking, but instead hemp seeds that are completely legal and suitable for bird food!

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