Poultry Grower Pellets 20kg

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Grower Pellets are formulated for young poultry, designed specifically to help support steady growth and sexual maturity. Poultry Grower Pellets are produced in pellet form to avoid feed wastage. Suitable for all poultry as a free choice feed, but may also be fed as a restricted feed if required.

Grower Pellets are recommended to be fed from 6 - 8 weeks of age until the onset of lay, normally between 20 - 24 weeks of age, when you can start to feed layers pellets to your chickens.

Before changing to layers pellets, it is preferable to mix the layers pellets with the grower pellets to gradually introduce them over a space of a week.

Please note all our chicken feed shown on website, including the growers pellets are non-medicated, consequently any eggs laid by young chickens can be happily eaten without any concern and called pullet eggs, because they are usually smaller in size than eggs laid by mature chickens!

Some growers pellets are medicated and contain antibiotics to prevent diseases like Coccidiosis that can occur in battery chickens, normally stated on the list of ingredients on the bag as ACS, Anti-Coccidiostat or simply state the chicken feed is medicated. We advise customers not to eat any eggs laid by chickens on a medicated feed, to prevent you from ingesting chicken antibiotics unnecessarily!

Growers Pellets for Chickens - Nutritional Information

- Vegetarian Formula
- Fully traceable raw material
- Contains No GM ingredients
- Non medicated growers pellets
- Protein: 15%, Oil: 3%, Fibre: 4%, Ash: 6%
- Grower pellets can also be used to fatten your chickens


Customer Reviews (2)

Myself and friend.... Review by Donna M
Myself and a friend got chickens at the same time about a year ago and I have always used the full range Dodson & Horrell bought from Valu-Direct Pet Supplies of course and she used another brand which I will not name but is not Dodson & Horrell and well to say the least my chickens are by far in the best health and lay the most beautiful eggs. She finally listen to me and started to use Dodson & Horrell and Valu-Direct Pet Supplies about 2 months ago and well the difference is unbelievable. Always recommend Dodson & Horrell and Valu-Direct Pet Supplies. The food and service is the best. (Posted on 24/09/2015)
On the and.... Review by S J
On the ball and very prompt delivery. (Posted on 24/09/2015)

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