Hedgehog House

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Product Description

The Hedgehog House is attractive and unique designed by wildlife world and constructed from solid naturally durable FSC approved oak and larch wooden timber for strength and longevity, with a double layered roof for waterproofing, that provides extra insulation to keep your hedgehog warm during the cold winter months and a raised solid oak floor to keep the damp out.

All the wooden timber used in the construction of the wildlife world hedgehog house is screwed firmly in place, to withstand crushing or accidental strimming around the house!

The hedgehog house provides a safe habitat for hedgehogs in your garden, that is suitable for hibernation, breeding and summer shelter, with a specially constructed porch entrance to allow hedgehogs in, that also offers protection from cats, dogs, foxes and badgers too.

The house also has a hinged back door to allow for annual cleaning and inspection of sick or rescued hedgehogs. Position the house in your garden in a quiet place, under the cover of a tree or bush, out of the prevailing wind with piles of leaves and short grass around the wooden hedgehog house, plus two full hands of short dry grass and leaves inside the box to start a nest.

By encouraging Hedgehogs to live in your garden, you can eliminate the use of slug and snail pellets, allowing the hedgehogs to keep your garden free from pests, saving you money and protecting the environment.

The wildlife world hedgehog house is approximately 19.5 cm height x 38.5 cm wide x 43 cm depth and is supplied with instructions.

Why not try making your own hedgehog food to really spoil your spiky visitors and encourage them to live in your garden in their new hedgehog house by purchasing some pinhead oatmeal, peanut granules and dried mealworms available to purchase on this website?

Just mix the ingredients together with some raisins and sultanas from you local supermarket to create a mouth watering hedgehog food, that is much cheaper than specialist prepared hedgehog diets!

Hedgehog House - Features

- Certified FSC timber
- Solid oak & larch construction
- Unique hedgehog house design
- Double layered hedgehog house roof
- Raised solid oak floor to keep damp out
- Hinged hedgehog back door for inspection & cleaning


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