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Product Description

Due to customer demand for our fat balls, we now sell a bulk box that contains 200 x premium fat balls that your birds will love, with NO nets or plastic meshing for the safety and welfare of your wild birds, that contain only natural, wholesome ingredients with NO unwanted fillers, produced by Johnston & Jeff that include Free Mainland UK Delivery!

We now also stock premium suet to go insect fat balls, produced by Unipet that are a natural mixture of dried mealworms, waterflys, wheat, peanut and beef suet, that are relished particularly by birds that are insect eaters for instance softbills like robins, wrens, yellow hammers, pipits, thrush, blackbird and wagtails, sold in economical bulk boxes of 200 with NO nets or cheap unsavoury fillers that birds flock too!

The fat balls sold on the website are a mixture of suet or fat derived from vegetables or beef, peanut flour, mixed seed or insects, that are high in energy, popular with a wide variety of wild birds, suitable for feeding all year round and an extremely important food source when naturally occurring foods are scarce, for example birds like: robins, finches, wrens, sparrows, dunnocks, starlings, siskins, nuthatches and tits will all enjoy fat balls if made available.

Our economical bulk pack of 200 high quality fat balls are supplied in two boxes that each contain 100 suet balls, that are 100% natural and great value for money including our new mixed variety pack that has 100 x seed and 100 x insect in a convenient selection box, that will help ensure your birds that visit your garden come back again and again for more!

The key ingredient in fat balls is suet, that is manufactured using pure refined vegetable or animal fat, that is used by us in cooking as a traditional ingredient for creating puddings and pastries, which is then mixed with cereals, seeds and insects to produce delicious balls. Suet is one of the most concentrated, easily metabolised high energy food sources available for wild birds, that is relished by all species.

Fat balls are a complimentary bird food and should always be fed with your favourite blended wild bird food or single seed variety such as sunflower hearts and are an acceptable alternative to natural insect protein, that is often very difficult for birds to find during the cold winter months.

You can also crumble the balls and add them to seed mixes for extra variety, you don't have to feed them whole for instance; we feed the local wildlife, including the birds that visit our premises with a special fat ball pate, that includes mealworms and suet pellets that we combine with squashed balls from split boxes, that we feed from a bird table and several squirrel proof feeders!

How to make fat balls for your birds

You can make your own fat balls, which we recommend trying at least once by pouring melted beef fat over a mixture of seeds, peanuts, dried fruits, oatmeal or simply by using your favourite blended wild bird seed, available on the website to create appetising suet balls in a variety of sizes for the hungry birds that visit your garden. Lots of recipes can be found on the internet to help you create yummy balls, that will encourage even more birds into your garden, for example our fat ball recipe and instructions are shown below:

1) Melt down some beef suet, that you can buy from your local butchers

2) Let the fat cool until you can mould the suet safely into balls of fat

3) Add peanuts, seeds, raisins and mealworms, to the cooled fat and form a variety of balls, using your delicious ingredients

4) Put the fat balls into a sealable plastic container

5) Finally place the home made balls into the freezer to solidify

How to make large fat ball treats for your birds

Now that you have realised that making your own homemade fat balls is quite simple and fun, why not create some larger fat treats, that can be hung easily around your garden, using the following steps below?

1) Wait for your fat to cool, then add your favourite bird nibbles

2) Squash your mixture into an old tuna tin or something wide and shallow

3) Place the container as before in the freezer to solidify overnight

4) Gentle cut around the edge of the tin with a sharp knife

5) Bang tin firmly on a hard surface, just like a cake to remove from container

6) Make a hole in the bird treat carefully with a skewer or nail

7) Thread garden twine or string through hole to hang the yummy surprise

Young fledglings in particular need insect protein for growth and development, so it's important to feed fat treats all year round, regardless of whether you create your own using our recipe or purchase them for convenience, as they are an ideal substitute for insect protein that is easy to metabolise!

Never use cooking fat to make your balls or treats!

Everyone likes to recycle, it's something we should all do to help protect the environment for future generations and the birds we love. Unfortunately the fat left over from sunday roast is not suitable for making delicious fat balls, as the meat juices have been mixed up with the fat during cooking and any salt or spices used to flavour your joint or chicken will be also blended together too, making your balls extremely unhealthy or even deadly!

Birds can't process salt and if the levels are high enough will kill your gardens birds and the fat from roasting your meat after it's allowed to set has a smearing consistency, that's bad for the feathers of birds and is a breeding ground for nasty bacteria that may damage a bird's health. Consequently if you want to make your own homemade fat balls or treats, please use pure lard or beef suet that you should be able to purchase from your local supermarket or butchers, that will re-solidify after warming to allow you to add table scraps, wild bird seed, peanuts and other tasty ingredients.

Why not download our pdf that illustrates in simple steps How to make your own fat balls, that can also be printed for convenience, that we are more than happy for customers to link to and schools to use as a fun educational how to document.

Fat Balls for Birds - Practical Feeding Advice

All our fat balls we sell don't contain bulking materials such as sand and waste which is immoral, but completely legal, that can be found in some cheap, inferior balls sold online or in garden centres, so please examine the list of ingredients or try a small quantity on your birds if you are unsure of the quality before you bulk buy.

Over the years our customers have told us countless times, they have placed out cheap fat treats and pellets from a local supplier, only to find the birds don't like them wasting their money, so please buy your fat balls from a reputable supplier like us, with complete confidence that you are buying high quality suet based bird foods with no unsavoury ingredients.

Fat products are energy dense, but also quick and easy to digest that are suitable for all garden birds regardless of size, consequently we always suggest to our customers they mix n match a variety of foods including fat balls and suet pellets with wild bird seed to help their birds survive the cold winter months and provide them with essential energy for breeding, moulting and seasonal migration.

The balls and pellets we sell for birds can even cope with frost, allowing you to place them out in the cold winter weather and attract wild birds that require soft nutrition rather than seeds or peanuts, especially smaller bird species, providing them with an important source of nutritious food throughout the year, when natural alternatives, such as insects, grasses and seeds are not available!

Fat based bird food's are also important for mid-sized birds, who need a high-protein food they can swallow quickly, instead of spending time cracking and swallowing smaller seeds such as millet. We always recommend that you remove the mesh nets from your balls before feeding them to prevent both birds and squirrels getting entangled in them, stopping unnecessary damage to claws that are vital for feeding themselves.

Please note all the balls we sell on the website, including the economical bulk boxes are now supplied without the mesh netting, for the safety and welfare of all the wildlife that visits your garden, not just the birds as hedgehogs are also partial to suet based bird treats too!

The boxes of small and large balls with seeds we sell are individually wrapped in plastic packets just like bubble gum, without the mesh nets to keep the balls as fresh as possible for your hungry birds. Whereas the insect fat balls are supplied with no nets or wrapping, making them easier for customers that fill several feeders at once, saving you valuable time!

Regardless of where you purchase your balls, we advise that you always remove any mesh netting and feed them from a suitable fat ball feeder that's squirrel resistant, bird table or directly on the ground for the birds to squabble over!

We recommend to all our bird enthusiasts to feed fat based bird treats, including balls and pellets all year round, to encourage birds to visit your garden daily, but especially from autumn to early summer to satisfy the high energy food requirements needed by birds to survive the cold winter months, when food is scarce and birds are extremely hungry to give them vital energy for nesting building and raising young fledglings.

Why not spoil your wild birds and buy a range of high energy suet foods, not just fat balls to create interest and appeal to a larger variety of birds, for example delicious Suet Pellets that are available in various flavours, suitable for young and adult birds that are easy to digest and packed with energy or perhaps some Suet Filled Coconuts, that can be hung around your garden?

Nutritional Information & Features:

- Protein 11%, Oil 34%, Fibre 8%
- Easy to digest, high in protein and energy
- Our balls don't contain any unsavoury ingredients
- Now available for your birds in seed and insect varieties
- Fat balls can fed all year round, including the cold frosty months
- Sold in economical bulk packs, individually wrapped without the nets
- Alternative to insect protein, that's easy for young birds to metabolise


Customer Reviews (6)

Excellent product, promptly.... Review by Sue S
Excellent product, delivered promptly and with easy payment. (Posted on 24/09/2015)
Excellent products, price.... Review by Richard B
Excellent products, great price and fast deliver. Liked by all the birds including the Woodpeckers. (Posted on 24/09/2015)
Speedy delivery, a.... Review by Julie
Speedy delivery, Took a few days for the birds to find them as I have relocated where I feed them. Had not even thought about the nets being a problem for the birds so these are great without the nets. Brought a ring doughnut shaped fat ball holder which holds 12 balls, and allows lots of birds to access at the same time. I have been feeding the birds for a long time but with seed and decided to try fat balls for a change. I am amazed by the number of different species I am now getting since changing to the fat balls - especially Robins.
wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product and will be back for more when I am getting low.
(Posted on 24/09/2015)
Excellent product a.... Review by Richard B
Excellent product at a great price. Very prompt delivery and much appreciated by the sparrows, starlings and tits fighting for their turn at the feeder.
(Posted on 24/09/2015)
Very fast efficient.... Review by [email protected]
Very fast and efficient service quite pleased with the product (Posted on 24/09/2015)
Very swift efficient.... Review by Caroline S
Very swift and efficient service - the birds seem to love them and i have noticed more and more gathered around the feeders. All in all, very please with the product and it has saved on the pennies too! (Posted on 24/09/2015)

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