James Wellbeloved Senior Light Dog Food

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Product Description

James Wellbeloved Senior Light Dog Food is a complete hypoallergenic food formulated for those dogs with a tendency to gain weight easily or senior dogs that are becoming less active and simply don't need the same amount of calories as young adolescent adult dogs. James wellbeloved senior light contains only natural healthy ingredients, that are bursting with flavour available in four varieties, lamb, turkey, duck & ocean white fish that are smothered in delicious mouth watering gravy, to appeal to the senses of the fussiest of dogs!

There are NO strict rules as to when you should change to the james wellbeloved senior light dog food, as each dog is an individual and will have varying levels of energy and general health. The ideal time to consider changing to a senior light variety is when you notice they are becoming less active or starting to gain a little extra weight.

Generally speaking giant breeds such as great danes, saint bernards and mastiffs can change to senior light at approximately six years of age, large and medium breeds like labradors, boxers and collies can make the change at seven or eight and small dogs or toy breeds like jack russells and yorkshire terriers at eight or nine years of age!

Regardless of the senior light flavour you choose, all james wellbeloved dog foods contain only wholesome, easy to digest, tasty ingredients with NO unhealthy additives, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, appetite enhancers or hidden fillers used by some unreputable pet food manufacturers to cheaply add bulk to dog food at the expense of quality.

All james wellbeloved senior light recipes, regardless of flavour are naturally preserved using mixed tocopherols, Vitamin C & E antioxidants and are formulated using one primary source of protein, lamb, turkey, duck or ocean white fish meal, which is simply meat or fish with all the water removed to help those owners with dogs that have special dietary needs or sensitivities to certain protein sources, allowing owners to avoid meat or fish ingredients they know from experience can be problematic and cause food related reactions, such as itchy, flaky skin, loose digestion or flatulence.

Unlike many supermarket dog food brands, each james wellbeloved senior light recipe does not contain ingredients known by pet food manufacturers to trigger skin complaints and digestive disorders, such as beef, pork, wheat, wheat gluten, dairy products, soya or animal derivatives that are very problematic for owners with dogs that suffer from food related allergies or intolerances, as you simply can't identify on the list of ingredients what you are feeding your dog!

Like adult james wellbeloved varieties, the senior light recipes contains a range of beneficial supplements for example linseed that is rich in omega 3 fatty acids to help promote a healthy skin and glossy coat, alfalfa and seaweed that are high in natural antioxidants, vitamins and minerals considered by pet nutritionists to be essential for long term health, yucca and chicory extracts to improve the digestion of food and growth of beneficial gut flora that will help your dog absorb the maximum nourishment from the complete food.

Regardless of variety all james wellbeloved dog foods contain a variety of supplements, but the senior light recipe differs from the adult recipes as they contain a lower calorific and fat content, that is important if you dog is becoming less active or needs to loose a little extra weight. The senior light recipes also contain a unique blend of glucosamine and chondroitin with a mix of herbs to keep joints healthy and your dog mobile and active in it's senior years!

Lastly the crunchy texture of the kibbles used in every recipe including the lamb, turkey, duck and ocean white fish senior light recipes, will help maintain healthy teeth and gums, by scraping away at plaque and tartar build up around your dog's teeth, removing unwanted food deposits.

Nutritional features of James Wellbeloved Senior Light Dog Foods:

- Gentle on your dog's digestion
- Lower in calories and fat content
- Helps calm and soothe itchy coats
- Hypoallergenic senior light dog food recipes
- Added linseed for a healthy skin and glossy coat
- No added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
- No wheat, wheat gluten, beef, pork, dairy products or soya
- Contains wholesome brown rice and energy packed barley
- Contains yucca and chicory extract to improve food digestion
- Antioxidants and essential vitamins to boost the immune system
- Made from high quality natural ingredients, with no unwanted fillers
- Available in 4 different flavours lamb, turkey, duck & ocean white fish
- Easy to digest dog food with high quality, highly digestible ingredients
- High quality protein and minerals to help maintain strong bones and muscles
- Each james wellbeloved senior light dog food is preserved with vitamin C & E antioxidants

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