Radiator Beds

Radiator Beds

Cat Radiator Beds allow a cat to sleep on the side of a radiator for wrap around warmth and comfort, by fitting over the top of your existing standard or double sized radiators, allowing you to change the location of the radiator cat bed easily, if your cat decides they prefer one room to another, without any fuss as no tools are required! Radiator beds cradle your cat in a safe and warm fleecy hammock which moulds instantly to the shape of them for maximum comfort, allowing your cat to sleep the hours away in luxury!

Even if your radiator is turned off, it still provides your cat with a safe, warm and comfortable sleeping place which is raised off the ground, unlike a traditional cat bed. Both cat radiator beds shown below have covers which are made from High Quality Simulated Sheepskin which are easily removed and machine washable. Each radiator cat bed has a strong metal frame to support the weight of a cat up to 12kgs or 26lbs and comes in a flat pack box with assembly instructions. Why not take advantage of our special free delivery offer if you purchase two Armitage Cosy Cat Radiator Beds that are suitable for standard and wide radiators?

Please note we also sell replacement sheepskin radiator bed covers for Armitage and Canac Cat Radiator Beds, allowing you to replace your cat's worn out radiator bed cover, without the need to purchase a brand new radiator bed for your pampered puss, saving you extra money!

We stock a wide range of Cat Beds including: Hooded Cat Beds, Duvets, Bean Bags & Donuts suitable for small and large cats, including plastic cat beds which range in size from 15 to 21 inches available in 3 different colours, just look at the other pages on this website for Plastic Cat Beds and Soft Cat Beds.

Why your puss needs a Cat Radiator Bed?

Search for your cat on a cold, autumn day and you will often find them curled up in warm place, often off the ground to avoid being disturbed from their slumber, perhaps in a bay window, airing cupboard or next to your aga! So it will come as no surprise to many owners that cat radiator beds are extremely popular as they allow your cat the freedom to jump in or out as they please, while at the same time allowing them to watch the world go by in comfort.

Cat radiator beds in summary are:

- Suitable for adult cats, kittens and seniors
- No tools are required to assemble the radiator cat bed
- Cat radiator beds can easily be moved around your home
- Provides a secure, comfortable, warm place off the ground
- Machine washable, making a radiator bed ideal for outside cats
- Cat's love to sleep on radiator beds even in the summer months

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  • Armitage Cat Radiator Beds

    The Armitage Cosy Cat Radiator Bed will fit most single & wide radiators, allowing you the freedom t...
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  • Canac Cat Radiator Bed

    The Canac Cat's Cradle is a high quality cat radiator bed that is available in two sizes: Standard &...
    • Standard Radiators 7cm thick - You Pay: £19.99 | RRP: £24.99 | Save: 21%
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    • Spare Radiator Bed Cover - You Pay: £16.99 | RRP: £24.99 | Save: 33%
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