James Wellbeloved

James Wellbeloved

James Wellbeloved Cat Food @ Discount Prices
Hypoallergenic Cat Food; Ocean White Fish & Rice, Turkey & Rice, Duck & Rice, Lamb & Rice

James Wellbeloved Cat Food is hypoallergenic and contains only healthy natural ingredients, that are wholesome, irresistible and bursting with flavour such as turkey, lamb, duck and fish, that are blended with rice, potato and maize to create delicious cat food recipes for your kitten, senior or adult cat!

All james wellbeloved cat food varieties, regardless of flavour or lifestage are low in magnesium and contain natural beneficial supplements, including cranberry and rosemary extracts, with added chicory to help protect and support your cat or kitten's urinary tract and immune system. Every james wellbeloved cat food regardless of flavour contains one primary source of protein, from meat or fish meal to help owners with cat's with food related sensitivities to avoid certain meat or fish ingredients they know can cause an adverse food reaction, including digestive disorders or skin complaints.

Premium cat food's like james wellbeloved all use meat or fish meal for instance turkey, lamb, duck or ocean fish for their various cat food recipes or lifestage varieties, which is simply meat or fish with all the water removed, to allow cat food manufacturers to ensure the quality of the cat food you purchase and control the levels of fat and protein in each recipe.

Each crunchy cat biscuit, including the adult, senior light and kitten recipes are first baked, then basted with delicious gravy and dried to create each yummy james wellbeloved variety to ensure your cat's bowl is always empty.

Regardless of the flavour or variety of james wellbeloved cat food you choose for example kitten, adult or senior light, the recipe will not contain any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, used by many leading brand name cat food manufacturers to cheaply enhance or preserve cat foods, each james wellbeloved cat food variety is instead naturally preserved using Vitamin C & E antioxidants, with added Omega 3 oils to help promote a healthy skin and soft shiny coat!

Unlike many premium cat foods, james wellbeloved has always been hypoallergenic and contains No unhealthy additives or ingredients, such as beef, pork, wheat, wheat gluten, dairy products including milk and cheese, eggs or soya, that manufacturers have known for years can cause digestive disorders and skin complaints in both cats and dogs, for example dry, itchy or flaky skin, loose digestion or flatulence, making james wellbeloved cat and dog food ideal for owners with pets with food related allergies or sensitivities.

James Wellbeloved Cat Food - Nutritional Information:

  • Omega 3 oils to promote a soft shiny coat
  • No added artificial preservatives, flavours or colours
  • Lifestage varieties available, Adult, Senior Light and Kitten
  • The same delicious, healthy taste across the entire cat food range
  • All james wellbeloved cat food recipes contain vitamin E anti-oxidants
  • Added chicory rich in inulin to maintain healthy, beneficial gut flora
  • Each hypoallergenic cat food variety is preserved with natural vitamin C
  • Contains cranberry extract and is low in magnesium to protect urinary tract health
  • Available in Turkey & Rice, Duck & Rice, Lamb & Rice, Ocean White Fish & Rice

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