Leather Check Chain Collars

Leather Check Chain Collars

A leather check chain dog collar is a half check collar that is ideal for larger dogs, that will give owners more control than a conventional leather or nylon collar, when your dog feels the urge to pull you on the lead. Half check collars are very popular with puppy schools and dog training classes where they are used for obedience and teaching your dog how to walk to heel.

You may love your dog, but you don't always love their behaviour and a leather check chain dog collar or half check is a kinder way to check your dog during training on the lead. The leather check chain is also adjustable so you can adjust the size of the collar to fit your dog's neck accordingly and suitable for stronger, larger dogs where a nylon half check chain maybe not be strong enough, to give you full control over your dog's behaviour.

When your lead is attached to the ring of the half check collar, if your dog pulls away from you, the collar will tighten enough to remind your dog, who's in charge, without damaging his or her throat. This is a simple and well proven method for training your dog not to pull, but if the problem persists, try a Halti which is also available on this website, which trains in a completely different way.

Leather Half Check Chain Dog Collar - Key Features & Benefits

- Easy to fit and adjust
- Caring way to train your dog
- Humane and comfortable half check collar
- Reduces arm strain by stopping your dog pulling on the lead

The leather check chain dog collar is very strong and made from premium bridle leather, with a heavy gauge buckle. Heavy gauge chain used in the half check collar to compliment the leather and is chrome plated and extremely strong, each link is welded an essential feature of a high quality leather check chain collar, making them ideal for obedience training of large dogs.

We also stock nylon half check chain collars suitable for most breeds, please visit the following page of the website to view the Nylon Check Chain Dog Collars that are available in various colours and sizes.

We stock a large range of Leather Dog Collars and Leads suitable for all breeds, just look at the other pages on this website, for example; Studded Leather Dog Collars, Leather Dog Collars, Leather & Chain Dog Collars, Round Leather Dog Collars, Leather & Chain Dog Leads, Leather Greyhound & Whippet Collars.

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    Ancol nylon check chain dog collar is often referred to by dog trainers as a half check chain, combi...
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