Natures Choice

Natures Choice

Natures Choice Dog Food is a hypoallergenic complete food, that contains only healthy natural ingredients that is Free from wheat gluten, dairy products, beef, soya, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives known to trigger food related allergies or intolerances such as digestive disorders and skin complaints, for example dry, itchy or flaky skin, loose digestion or flatulence.

The turkey and rice recipe has been carefully formulated by our nutritionists with wholesome, natural, nutritious ingredients that are highly palatable, easy to digest and delicious to eat, that can fed dry or moistened with water depending on your dog's preference.

Natures Choice Dog Food contains turkey as the primary source of protein and brown rice as the primary source of carbohydrate that are highly digestible ingredients that are gentle on a dog's digestive system and does not contain any animal derivatives, for example the undesirable bits of a turkey such as feathers, feet or bone, like some cheap supermarket brands that state they contain meat derivatives on the label, just look for yourself!

Turkey is a white meat, that has a high nutritional value which is unlikely to cause a food related reaction, as it's not commonly used by all dog food manufacturers, unlike beef or chicken meat so your dog won't have been over exposed to it and therefore less likely to cause an adverse food reaction or hypersensitivity to turkey meat meal! All premium dog foods use meat or fish meal for instance turkey, lamb, duck or fish for their various recipes, which is simply meat or fish with all the water removed, that is then blended with other ingredients, minerals and vitamins.

Unlike many dog foods, Natures Choice allows owners to have complete confidence about the ingredients displayed on the bag, NO unhealthy additives, artificial appetite enhancers or hidden fillers are used to cheaply enhance taste or add bulk to the dog food, allowing owners with dogs with special dietary requirements or sensitivities to avoid problem food ingredients.

The symptons of food allergies vary, but feeding your dog a hypoallergenic food such as natures choice, is less likely to trigger an adverse food reaction than non-hypoallergenic, meat derivative based foods that may also contain artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. As they normally do not specify exactly what you are feeding your dog, making it extremely difficult to exclude ingredients that may cause a food allergy or intolerance!

Natures Choice Dog Food is suitable for small and medium breed dogs aged 1 year and above, and large breed dogs aged 2 years and above. Although natures choice has been specifically formulated for dogs that suffer from dietary intolerances, that need a hypoallergenic food like natures choice to provide wholesome, gentle nutrition, the dog food is suitable for all dogs, regardless of breed or size and is sold by us at affordable price, lower than most premium brands.

Like all premium dog foods, the turkey and rice recipe contains a range of beneficial supplements, that are considered by nutritionists to be essential for long term health, but natures choice in comparison contains more than most well known premium brands, for example Glucosmine, Chondroitin and MSM to help maintain and protect your dog's joints, added natural antioxidant vitamins A, C, E, beta carotene, yucca and cranberry to inhibit the formation of destructive free radicals and boost your dog's immune system.

Natures Choice also contains Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids in the correct ratios for skin and coat condition, as well as cranberry extract to help maintain urinary tract health and yucca to help body and faecal odour, whilst added citrus extract has also been added to help maintain dental and oral health.

Lastly Natures Choice Dog Food is naturally preserved and contains added prebiotics MOS and FOS to help remove harmful bacteria from the digestive system, reducing digestive upsets and encouraging the growth of friendly gut bacteria, whilst the inclusion of nucleotides will help maximise the digestion of the food, allowing optimum levels of nutrients to be absorbed from every tasty mouthful. Prebiotics will also aid the absorption of minerals in the food, thus helping to prevent thinning of your dog's bones!

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