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Great treat! by Charlies the Spaniel on 11/10/2018

Charles our Springer spaniel is given these before we go to bed each night and reminds us if we forgot to give him his favourite treat. He loves the taste of the beef fillets, that's for sure. He's whole body wags from the tip of his nose to his tail. The price and service from Valupets is excellent, keep up the good work :)

My dotty loves'em by Helen on 11/07/2018

I purchased a couple of packets from Valupets with our usual good boy dog treats to try. And dotty loves them, they give her more of a challenge than the smaller chewy chicken twists, so they last longer. But I suppose it depends on the size of your dog. Anyway I'll be ordering more of them when we run out of treats.

The very best start for your new puppy. by CaninePro on 11/07/2018

Active, fast growing puppies need the best start in life and Wafcol Puppy Salmon & Potato provides the highest quality food source my puppies need for their early development into strong and powerful dog's. I highly recommend Valupet's, they consistently deliver on time without fail, a 5-star service.

Great service and good prices by Sheila on 11/02/2018

Great service and good prices. Wafcol vegetarian dog food is great for my dog who has a meat allergy of all meat products. Since having it his hasn’t lost any more hair and growing nicely. His skin is much better now. He’s a Lhasa apso and had a hair cut for the first time in two years. It’s really nice he’s getting back to his old self.

Great site and very good prices by Sheila on 11/02/2018

Great site and very good prices This is the second time I’ve bought wafcol vegetarian dog food. One of my dogs has an allergy to all meat products. Since having this vegetarian dog food he is much better no more hair loss and it’s growing nicely now. He is slowly getting better he’s more energetic now. Hes a Lhasa apso and just had his first hair cut in two years. So so happy that I found this website and the vegetarian dog food which didn’t know you could buy.

Grrrreat! by Jane on 10/28/2018

Great little treats and great value for money.

He loves them by Henry on 10/26/2018

Our big ray of sunshine, all 12 stone of him loves these lamb strips. Whilst you stock these and hopefully they won't be discontinued, you'll have a happy customer for life. Very speedy delivery from Valupets and super price too.

Lamb is delicious by Karen on 10/26/2018

The vets made lots of money out of us over the years, with our dogs food allergies. But as long as we stick to lamb everything's fine. The price and service are very competitive for the fillets and speed of delivery is really fast from Valupets. Keep up the good work.

Buster says yummy twists by Luke on 10/26/2018

These chewy lamb twists suit our dogs sensitive digestion. He can't tolerate chicken or fish without messy consequences. So please don't stop making these goodboy. And the service on and off the phone from Valupets is quite simply amazing. I order one day and they arrive the next.

Cooper loves his steaks by Sandra on 10/24/2018

Cooper our boxer is allergic to just about everything, which makes it hard to find suitable dog treats for him. But these good boy venison steaks are perfect and don't cause him any problems or trips to the vets. It must be said we can't buy them locally and most pet websites don't stock them. But Valupets do and at a great price too. Delivery is fast which pleases our dog too.

Great chewy treat for our sensitive dog by Carl on 10/24/2018

Our dog can't have chicken, so these chewy duck twists are great. They keep him quiet and stop him begging at the table. The delivery is really fast from Valupets too and the price is cheaper than the supermarket.

Great for sensitive dogs by Joe on 10/24/2018

I've been feeding Wafcol for a few months now and can honestly say that has put an end to my dogs head shaking and scratching and recommend the food to my friends and family with dogs. The service is so fast and the price from Valupets is very competitive and I much prefer to support the independents.

Yummy pigs in blankets, fast delivery by Mike on 10/24/2018

My dog loves these succulent pig in blankets and listens to everything I say, sit, stay etc and does it straight away. Maybe he thinks he's it's eating a bit of our sunday roast. Anyway the service is great, price is competitive and I can mix and match these pigs in blankets with other dog treats, to spice it up a little for our four legged monster.

Great value treat by Donna on 10/24/2018

My dog loves these chewy braid’s she will lay down and chew on them for ages.

Great Value by Ted on 10/17/2018

Beef bites make a great change as a treat for Honey. Pack size is perfect for carrying in your pocket and price is good for your pocket as well.

Wagging tails all round by Jane on 10/17/2018

These treats send Dottie's and Charlie's tails into a spin. They are a firm favorite for a evening treat after our last walk. Valupets all the way in our house.

Yummy treats at yummy prices by Kay on 10/17/2018

These are brilliant for puppy training Alfie. Even he can't resist being a good boy for some duck bites. Yummy treats and yummy price thank you valupets.

Great Service by Maria on 10/17/2018

Sugar Free chocolate drop are great for my old girl Penny who has diabetes. The service and the price are the best around. We'll carry on ordering from Valupets.

Always prompt service by Richard on 10/17/2018

Yoghurt drops are perfect for that weekend treat for our favorite furry friend. Valupets are brilliant for their service and prices and quality of their products.

Amazing Value & Amazing Service by Richard on 10/17/2018

This good boy variety pack is simply brilliant. All of Benji's favorites in one bag what more could he want to get his tail wagging.

Great training treat by Richard on 10/17/2018

As Benji is a rescue dog he came needing a little training and these chicken bites were the perfect thing. Convenient pack size for putting in your pocket. If you want a treat to make bums sit this is them.

Excellent product and service by Angeline on 09/30/2018

My 4 year old retriever absolutely adores these biscuits. They came with her dog food and the service could not be faulted. Highly recommended.

Excellent product and service by Angeline on 09/30/2018

Wafcol salmon and potato is a top quality product which my 4 yr old retriever LOVES. She often goes back to lick out her bowl after she has finished her meal. At the moment there is no sign of the skin allergies we had with our previous retriever. The service from Valupets is also first class we have not had any problems at all. It is value for money too. Highly recommended.

Tasty treat by Frank on 09/16/2018

Dog loves these and will be on best behaviour to get one.

Tasty treat by Frank on 09/16/2018

This treat is small but longish lasting gives the dog some gum exercise while chewing.

Tasty treat by Frank on 09/16/2018

This treat is loved by our dog who will do anything for one.

Fabulous by Nefastie on 09/14/2018

Fantastic service and swift delivery as ever! Thank you :) This food is just the best for my ageing greyhound and her sensitive tummy.

Good value by Delsey on 09/06/2018

Very pleased with delivery time and value of product.

These are the Best by Gillian on 08/31/2018

I've always had these for my cats and they are the best ones to buy by far. They're very cosy and robust and you can wash the fleece so they last for ever.

Arden grange crunchy bites by Jerome on 08/29/2018

My two dogs love them always have.

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