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Product Description

Ancol nylon check chain dog collar is often referred to by dog trainers as a half check chain, combi collar or half choke, that has been designed to control your dog's behaviour on the lead and stop them pulling, that is available in a variety of colours and sizes to fit most breeds, from small to extra large.

Half check chains use a combination of nylon or leather for strength and durability with a length of threaded chain to connect each end of the collar together, that hangs loosely around your dog's neck, unless your dog decides to pull on the lead to chase the neighbours cat, that's quite embarrassing to say the least.

You may love your dog, but do you really want to be pulled down the road each time you take your dog for a walk? The nylon check chain collars shown below are the kinder way to check your dog during training on the lead, as they only partially tighten around your dog's neck, unlike a traditional choke or check chain dog collar.

When your lead is attached to the ring, if your dog pulls away from you, the half check chain will tighten enough to remind your dog who's in charge, without damaging his or her throat and then release. A nylon check chain is also suitable for those dogs that find they can easily slip out of a standard dog collar by walking backwards, as you can simply pull on the lead to tighten the size of the half check, to control your dog's behaviour and prevent them from slipping their collar.

Using a half check chain for obedience is a simple and well proven method for training your dog not to pull on the lead, but if the problem persists, try a Halti which is also available on this website, which trains in a completely different way.

- Easy to fit and adjust
- Humane and comfortable
- Caring way to train you dog to walk to heel
- Reduces arm strain by stopping pulling on the lead

The nylon check chain collars shown above, are chrome plated and strong, each link is welded, an essential feature of a high quality check chain, making them ideal for training your dog to walk to heel. The collars are also adjustable so you can vary the size of the collar to fit your dog's neck accordingly and available in red, black or blue!

We also stock leather half check chains available in black and tan, suitable for stronger, larger dogs like Rottweilers and German Shepherds so please visit the page of the website before making your purchase.

The nylon half check chains are available in 5 sizes and 3 colours, the measuring guide below will help you select the dog collar that will fit your dog's neck size, but please ensure that you measure your dog's neck correctly and leave approximately 3cm of breathing space:

Nylon Check Chain Dog Collar - Size Guide

- 14 fits neck size: 10 to 14 inches
- 18 fits neck size: 14 to 18 inches
- 24 fits neck size: 18 to 24 inches
- 28 fits neck size: 20 to 28 inches
- 30 fits neck size: 22 to 30 inches


Customer Reviews (2)

A good good.... Review by Iain
A good service, good communication and fast delivery. Would definitely use again. Thanks (Posted on 24/09/2015)
I have very.... Review by Nicole R
I have a very large Neapolitan Mastiff and was finding it hard to get a Nylon and Check Chain Collar to fit him. Came across your website and found the perfect size for him which is 30". Placed my order on Sunday evening and my order arrived first post Wednesday morning. I am very pleased with the serve I have received from your company and when he runs out of food and bones will be ordering from you because we have found your prices very competitive. (Posted on 24/09/2015)

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