Ancol Wooden Medium Dog Slicker

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Wooden dog slickers are similar to brushes, but the pad has a series of metal filaments which are used for removing unwanted hair and tackling those small areas of matted or tangled hair that are especially suited for longer haired breeds of dog, for example

When using a slicker brush it is advisable to run the brush gently through the whole coat starting from the head towards the tail, flanks and belly. Do not press the slicker too hard into the coat of your dog as this could cause the slicker to burn the skin.

Please note slicker brushes should not be used on smooth thin coats where hair matting is very unlikely. Slickers with rubber filaments are very good for getting rid of unwanted surface dog hair and massaging the coat. Wooden Grooming Slickers are available in a variety of sizes, with fine and medium course filaments to match the size of your dog.


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