Beta Puppy/Junior Chicken & Rice Food 15kg

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Beta Puppy Junior is a Nutritionally Complete food, developed especially for Puppies from Weaning to Adult Maturity. The Recipe is also suitable for Gestation and Lactation & for Adult Toy Dogs. Beta Puppy / Junior contains High Levels of Quality Protein for Growth and to Build Muscle Strength, plus Calcium & Phosphorous for Strong Teeth & Bones. Beta's Specific Starch Combination of Cereal & Wheat Flour helps ensure a Steady Release of Energy to Optimise your puppy's Stamina for longer periods of Play & Activity.

Beta Puppy Junior also contains, Dual Bite Sized Kibbles that are small enough to Eat & Digest, and can be Moistened to form a Gruel when first feeding a puppy. The Dual Sized Kibbles will encourage your puppy to Chew Longer, Consequently Reducing the Bolting of Food. Longer Chewing aids Digestion & Increases Nutritional Absorption, while the Unique Shape & Texture of the Larger Kibbles in the food, help Prevent Plaque & Tartar Build Up, leaving your puppy's Teeth Clean, Gums Healthier & Breath Fresher.

Beta Puppy / Junior contains 29% Protein and 15% Fat with 25 Vitamins & Minerals to help keep your puppy Healthy & Active. Each Kibble contains a Variety of Meat Proteins & Wholesome Cereals to give your Puppy Energy, Oils for Vitality & Condition, plus Minerals & Vitamins. Beta Puppy / Junior also contains a Unique Blend of Chicory & Beet Pulp. Chicory is a Natural Prebiotic, that has been proven to increase Good Bacteria in the Intestine & Improve Digestive Health, while Beet Pulp has been added to improve the quality of stools.

Beta Purina Puppy / Junior Food:

- Contains 29% Protein
- Contains Chicory a source of Natural Prebiotic that increases the number of Good Bacteria in the Intestine, improving Digestive Health
- Contains Beet Pulp to improve stools
- Includes Vitamin E an Antioxidant to promote a Healthy Immune System and helps protect Working Muscles
- Contains Balanced Levels of Phosphorous & Calcium to help your puppy build Strong Healthy Bones
- Contains High Levels of Quality Protein for Growth & Muscle Strength
- Beta's Unique Dual Size Kibble has a Unique Shape & Texture to help limit the Formation of Plaque & Tartar for Clean Teeth, Healthy Gums & Fresh Breath
- The Dual Size Kibble also promotes Longer Chewing & makes food more Interesting & helps develop good Eating Habits
- Nutrient Absorption is improved by the Dual Size Kibble, as it promotes Longer Chewing, thereby encouraging Healthy Digestion by preparing the food for Optimal Absorption of Nutrients
- Lastly Beta's specific Starch Combination of Cereal & Wheat Flour helps ensure a Steady Release of Energy to Optimise your puppy's Stamina for Longer Periods of Play & Activity


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