Bird Grit & Oyster Shell 25kg

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Unipac Bird Grit contains calcium and essential minerals, to help your cage and aviary birds digest their food, suitable for all seed eating birds, including Budgies, Canaries, Cockatiels, Finches & Parrots.

Bird's don't have teeth, they use their beaks to crack seeds open and remove the husks, before swallowing smaller bits of seed, rather than swallowing whole seeds in one go! Bird grit like sand, can be used as litter for your cage or aviary birds, that should be replaced when dirty to avoid contamination.

The grit is held in your bird's crop, where it is used to grind seeds down into smaller bits, that can easily be digested. Your birds only need a small amount of grit in their crops to help them digest their food and we suggest that you make the bird grit, available in a separate feeding bowl or coop cup.

Unipac bird grit is sold in economical 25kg sacks!


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