Burns Venison & Brown Rice Dog Food 15kg

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Product Description

Burns Venison & Brown Rice Dog Food is a hypoallergenic complete food, that contains no dairy, wheat, soya or beef and contains a minimum of 27% New Zealand venison that has not been intensively reared, that is especially good for dogs with an intolerance to certain meat sources, commonly found in other dog foods, for example beef or chicken. Burns is the only premium hypoallergenic and holistic dog food suitable for both adult dogs and seniors too and contains no artificial colours or flavours and is naturally preserved.

Like all burns dog food recipes, including the venison and rice variety the ingredients are natural, delicious and easy to digest with no unhealthy additives, genetically modified ingredients, artificial preservers or hidden fillers used by some pet food manufacturers to cheaply add bulk to dog food that have little if any nutritional value, just in increase profit margins!

All burns adult dog foods, except for the high energy lamb, canine extra and puppy varieties are low in fat and protein, but high in complex carbohydrates like brown rice, that contain a single source meat protein such as venison meal, which is simply venison with all the water removed, to help owners with dogs that have food related intolerances or sensitivities to certain forms of meat protein.

Premium foods like burns venison, all contain a single source of meat protein like lamb or fish meal to allow owners to avoid meat or fish ingredients they know from experience can cause adverse food reactions, such as digestive upsets or skin complaints for example some dogs can develop over time a hypersensitivity to common meat sources such as chicken, beef or even lamb and need a food that contains a novel, but tasty alternative such as venison that is unusual and not found in many dog foods, that is ideal for dogs that are prone to digestive upsets, diarrhoea or intestinal distress!

Just like all burns recipes, including the active and puppy varieties, the venison and brown rice variety has been formulated to work in harmony with your dog's body to naturally boost and maintain your dog's immune system, promote a healthy looking skin and glossy coat, protect the digestive tract, keep respiratory and nervous systems healthy and support the maintenance of your dog's skeleton, bones and joints to keep them healthy, fit and active!

Burns Venison & Brown Rice Dog Food - Nutritional Information:

- Protein 18.5%, Oil 8%, Fibre 3%
- Venison is gentle on digestion
- No genetically modified ingredients
- Suitable for both adult and senior dogs
- Low residue dog food, less to clean up
- No added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
- Low in fat and protein, high in complex carbohydrates
- Highly digestible venison and brown rice dog food recipe
- Burns Holistic approach to health and nutrition for your dog
- Ideal for dogs prone to digestive upsets or intestinal distress
- Hypoallergenic dog food contains no wheat, beef, soya or dairy products


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