Chavenage Bat Box

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Product Description

Bats have lost over recent years, valuable roosting places as many traditional buildings have been pulled down or modernised and as a result do not provide holes or crevices for them to make into new homes.

The chavenage bat box designed by wildlife world provides a roosting place for bats that will be suitable for any garden, woodland or house wall that is made from solid, high quality, durable FSC timber which will ensure longevity and excellent insulation in the cold winter months. The narrow entrance slot of the bat box and strong timber design will help discourage predators and reduce draughts, while a swing panel at the base of the box allows for cleaning if necessary.

If you position the bat box approximately 5 metres up a tree, bat species like the pipistrelle will be attracted to the box or 1.5 metres from the ground species like the long eared bat will be attracted. Placing the bat box high up in the eaves of your house will reduce the likelihood that bats that roost in the box will fall prey to cats or humans.

We recommend you position the bat box about 2.5 - 5 metres high on a building, mature tree or vegetation line that includes trees or hedges, but you can also position the box on a feeding or flight route where you have seen bats before, that receives partial daytime sun. If possible face the bat box south east, south west or north in your chosen location.

The wildlife world chavenage bat box is approximately 43 cm x high x 18 cm wide x 16.4 cm depth, simple to erect and the timber construction requires no annual maintenance, but I you wish to preserve the natural colour of the timber, you can apply a coat of exterior water based stain or varnish.

Bat Box Features:

- Unique Design
- Certified FSC Timber
- Durable Construction
- No Annual Maintenance Required


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