Fold Hill Chewdles Dog Biscuit Selection 10kg

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Product Description

Fold Hill Chewdles Dog Biscuit Selections are delicious treats that are suitable for any breed of dog made from freshly milled wheat that your dog will love! There are 7 different types of biscuits within each bag, that are baked to an individual recipe to provide your dog with essential vitamins and minerals necessary for a healthy active life.

Fold Hill Biscuit Selections are a complimentary pet food for dogs that can be given to reward good behaviour or used as part of their main meal, mixed with fresh or canned meat to provide a nutritionally balanced diet.

The baked dog biscuits are also crunchy providing your dog with gnawing exercise necessary for maintaining clean teeth and healthy gums. Available in an economical 10kg box, ideal for owners who have several hungry dogs!

Each box of Fold Hill Biscuit Selections contains 7 different varieties:

Bone - Calcium enriched for strong teeth and bones
Heart - Contains protein and vitamins for vitality
Round - Natural oils for skin condition and coat
Oval - Charcoal to aid your dog's digestion
Carrot - Fortified with real carrot a natural source of Vitamin A
Diamond - Contains essential fatty acids to benefit your dog's condition
Wheatsheaf - Provides protein and iron

Fold Hill Chewdles Biscuit Selection, Protein 11%, Oil 5%, Ash 5.5%, Fibre 2.5%

The Feeding Guide below is approximate. An individual dogs requirements may differ depending on their size, age and condition.

- Small Dogs up to 7 biscuits a day
- Medium Dogs up to 14 biscuits a day
- Large Dogs up to 21 biscuits a day


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