Harry Hamster Food 15kg

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Product Description

Harry Hamster is a Colourful & Tasty Balance of quality ingredients providing the perfect balance of Vitamins, Minerals & Proteins to keep Hamsters Fighting Fit & Raring to go.

Harry Hamster formulation is approved by the National Hamster Council!
- Complete food Suitable for Hamsters of all ages
- Contains Essential Protein Levels, Vitamins & Minerals to keep Hamsters Healthy
- Natural Fibrous ingredients to Aid Dental Wear
- Includes Natural Prebiotics to promote Healthy Gut Function

Hamsters are omnivores and will eat a wide variety of food in the wild. The hamster food will provide them with all the minerals, vitamins and nutrients required to keep them fit & healthy. Hamsters will hoard their food and therefore fresh Fruit & Vegetables such as Carrots, Lettuce & Cabbage should be fed by hand to ensure that it is eaten and not hoarded away where it can rot.

When you feed your hamster you should check to see if there is any food left, if so you should be able to tell if your hamster is selectively feeding and leaving certain seeds and grains behind each time.

Feeding a little less food each meal should hopefully stop your hamster from selectively feeding from the mix. Vitamin supplements can be added to their diet once a week, as well as mineral blocks and chew treats.


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