Ladybird & Lacewing Box

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Product Description

The Ladybird and Lacewing box designed by wildlife world is made from chunky FSC certified timber and natural birch log, an ideal natural habitat for ladybirds and lacewings. Both of these insects are natural predators of garden pests like aphids and greenflies that keen gardeners hate! By encouraging both ladybirds and lacewings into your garden you can help reduce or eliminate the use of chemical insecticides used in your garden and also save money, that can be spent on improving or buying additional plants for your garden.

To encourage both insects to use the box, the internal chamber can be filled with straw to encourage lacewings or bark for ladybirds and other insects by using the perspex viewing ports on the side of box. We supply the ladybird and lacewing box with a sachet of ladybird food and lacewing attractant to encourage them to take up residence.

Beneficial insects like ladybirds and lacewings eat aphids, scale insects, mealy bugs and spidermites. The ladybird and lacewing box should be sited in a sheltered position, on a wall, tree, fence or post near an aphid problem area, both ladybirds and lacewings are really big eaters of aphids!

As the ladybird box is made from durable FSC timber, no further weather protection is needed, but if you wish to preserve the natural colour of the lacewing box, you can coat the exterior with a water based stain or varnish. The ladybird and lacewing wildlife world box is approximately 30 cm high x 14 cm wide x 17 cm depth.

Ladybird & Lacewing Box - Features

- Natural habitat
- Certified FSC timber
- Solid durable construction
- Unique ladybird & lacewing design
- Sachet of ladybird & lacewing attractant
- Helps reduce the use of insecticides in your garden


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