Lignocel Reptile Animal Bedding

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Product Description

Lignocel is a wood based reptile and animal substrate that is used by many professional and amateur breeders of snakes, gecko's and bearded dragons that's virtually dust free and super absorbent making the hygienic bedding, easy to spot clean, saving you time and money.

Unlike many substrates the resinous oils from the bedding are also removed making lignocel safe for your reptiles, rodents and small animals. It's also fluffy and very soft, unlike Aspen bedding that's larger in size and more coarse.

Lignocel is made from untreated, unbleached wood from sustainable woodlands to an International/EU standard DIN ISO 9001 that's 100% biodegradable. The substrate is also digestible and very soft allowing reptiles and small animals to burrow into the bedding easily and the absorbent nature of the wood based product absorbs odours better than alternatives such as beech chips, aspen, bark or forest substrates.

The fine flake of the substrate also allows the bedding to be spread out easily, giving you better coverage at the bottom of your vivarium or small animal cage than any equivalent reptile or small animal bedding lasting you longer.

We have many reptile customers that use Lignocel to breed all sorts of snakes including corn snakes, royal pythons and king snakes, but also gecko's and bearded dragons. Lignocel is sold by us at discount prices including Free UK Mainland Delivery that's available in 12.5kg and 25kg bag sizes.

Please contact us if you are interested in buying Lignocel in bulk as we offer further discounts starting at £17.00 for collection from our warehouse.

Lignocel Reptile & Animal Bedding

- Virtually dust free and very absorbent
- Absorbs odours quickly and reduces bad smells
- Super soft, digestible substrate with NO sharp pieces
- Ideal substrate for snakes, gecko's and bearded dragons


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