Orlux Red Gold Patee 250g

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Product Description

Orlux Gold Red Patee is an egg food specially formulated to maintain the red colour in canaries with 100% natural honey added to the red patee to increase the nutritional value of the egg food, increase the absorption of nutrients and to make it more appetizing and appealing to canaries.

Orlux gold red patee also contains lysine and methionine, essential amino acids for optimal growth and feather composition, that can also be added to drinking water during breeding, growth and moulting periods to help intensify the red colour of your birds.

The gold red patee can be fed with germinated seeds, grated fruit or vegetables to add variety to the food and must be available at all times during the breeding season, outside of that only three times a week.

Orlux gold patee contains all the proteins, vitamins, trace elements, minerals and omega 3 fatty acids in the correct ratios, to keep your birds in peak condition, including canthaxanthine a supplement in the orlux egg food patee to improve the red colour of your canaries!


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