Orlux Universal Softbill Bird Food 1KG

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Product Description

Orlux Universal Softbill Patee is a complete food specially formulated for fruit and insect eating birds with softbills that do not have strong enough beaks to eat hard seeds, such as pekin robins, golden birds, tangaras.

Orlux Uni Patee is a universal softbill food that may also be fed as a supplement to tropical and native birds, that includes 100% natural honey to moisten the patee and make the food more appetizing, improve absorption of nutrients and increase the overall nutritional value.

Orlux softbill uni patee is not only nutritious, but also very low in iron, as insectivorous and frugivorous birds, will accumulate excess iron in the liver if not fed a balanced diet, causing unnecessary health problems. Orlux Uni Patee contains all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements in the correct proportions to keep your fruit and insect eating birds in peak condition.


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