Pettex Floating Variety Mix 5kg

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Product Description

Pettex Variety Mix is suitable for all Coldwater Fish, including Koi, Orfe, Carp, Goldfish and many other species. The High Quality Pettex Variety Mix contains a Balance Mix of; Pettex Natural Pond Sticks for Healthy Fish, Pettex Orange Koi Sticks for Colour Enhancement, which contain Spirulina, a Natural Ingredient for Enhancing the Colours of Koi and Goldfish & lastly Pettex Pond Pellets for improved Growth. The High Quality Pettex Variety Mix is Highly Digestible and the balanced formulation gives your fish the Healthy Diet they require.

The Pettex Variety Mix provides a balanced range of Protein, Fibre Vitamins, Stabilised Vitamin C and trace elements. The balanced formula Avoids the need for Over Feeding and so Reduces possible Water Pollution.

Lastly the Pettex Variety Mix mimics some of the Natural Shapes that fish are accustomed to. This combined with a Prolonged Floating Period encourages your fish to feed more eagerly.

Pettex Variety Mix Feeding Instructions:

Feed 2 or 3 times a day, when the water temperature is 10C (50F) or above.
It is advisable not to feed your fish, once the water temperature falls below 10C (50F) due to the slowing of their Natural Metabolisms.
Below 10C pond fish should be fed on Pettex WheatGerm Sticks
Below 4C Pettex Wheat Germ Sticks should not be fed.
Feed as much as your fish can consume in a few minutes.
Excess food should then be removed.


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