Rawhide Large Dog Shoes 8" x 10 Pack

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Product Description

Rawhide Dog Shoes are made from high quality rawhide, that's shaped to look like a pair of old, worn-out shoes you've forgotten about, they are chewy, high in protein and low in fat. The Rawhide Shoes we sell for dogs are large shoes not the small and medium sizes as they last longer and are made from 100% natural beef rawhide, that will help keep your dog's teeth and gums healthy by scraping away the plaque and reduce tartar build up as your dog chews the rawhide treat.

Rawhide shoes are ideal for those dogs that love to fetch, retrieve and hold things in their mouths for example working breeds such as Labradors and Spaniels. Chewing on rawhide treats such as twists, cigars, dog shoes and bones should also help with bad breath as food deposits are removed around the teeth when your dog chews them and should also help reduce the risk of dental problems. Rawhide dog chews stimulate harmless fun by entertaining your dog for hours, which is especially important for older dogs who may not be as active.

Rawhide chews help to satisfy your dog's instinctive urge to chew, which should help owners avoid destructive chewing behaviour by puppies or adult dogs around your home, that can be very costly. Rawhide dog shoes can also help relieve a puppies teething pain, by stimulating the growth of adult teeth through harmless chewing.

- 100% natural beef rawhide
- 8 inches or 20cm approximately
- 10 x large rawhide dog shoes in a pack


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