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Product Description

Reggie Rat is a Nutritionally Complete Food, formulated with a variety of Protein based ingredients that is attractive & highly palatable and provides all the Essential Nutrients for rats to stay Fit & Healthy. Reggie Rat has a low Seed Content & does not contain Nuts, which can cause Skin Problems & Spots.

- Includes Natural Prebiotics to promote Healthy Gut Function
- Low Fibre Levels more appropriate to Rodents Nutritional Needs
- No Nuts & Low Seed Content to avoid Skin & Coat Problems
- Contains Chicken as a Low Fat Source of Protein

Rats are scavengers in the wild and will eat a variety of food. Your pet rat should eat a varied diet which should comprise of a rat food containing a mixture of seeds and biscuits.

The rat food should be supplied with washed and dried vegetables such as Apples, Carrots, Cress & Tomatoes. Treats & Snacks should be fed in moderation to avoid upsetting your rat's stomach.

Uneaten food should be removed daily and their bowls should be washed thoroughly. Rats drink plenty of water in comparison to other rodents of a similar size, so make sure clean, fresh water is available at all times.

Lastly rats should have plenty of things to chew to avoid dental problems and to keep them for being bored.


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