Royal Canin Maxi Light Dog Food 15kg

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Product Description

Adult Dogs Over 15 Months

Royal Canin Maxi Light, has been Nutritionally formulated to Suit the needs of the Over Weight Maxi Breed. The food helps maintain, the Health of their Joints Strained by Excess Weight, maintains your Dog's Ideal Weight & Preserves & Tones Muscles, while ensuring a Healthy Digestive System using Royal Canin's Acti-Digest Formula.

- Protects Joints - by adding High Glucosamine & Chondroitin Content and Omega 3 Fatty Acids (from Fish Oil)
- Maintains Ideal Weight - by Reducing the Lipid Content, 27% Protein to Avoid Muscle Wastage, Barley to Slow Digestion & Reduce Hunger Pains between Meals
- Muscle Tone - by adding L-Carnitine that Stimulates the Mobilization of Fat Reserves and Reduces their Storage
- Acti-Digest - Limits Fermentation Activity in the Colon & improves the Consistency of Stools, thus ensuring Digestive Safety


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