Russel Rabbit Junior/Dwarf Food 15kg

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Product Description

Russel Rabbit Junior is a Nutritionally Complete Food which has been specially formulated for the needs of young rabbits (4 - 20 weeks), Dwarfs, Pregnant & Lactating Does, which benefit from Enhanced Protein & Fibre Levels.

Russel Junior is also based on Alfalfa, combined with other ingredients, including Soya, Peas, Maize, Oats & Carrots that provide Variety & Encourage Foraging. Russel Rabbit Junior is also Free from Artificial Colours.

-Suitable for all Young Rabbits, Dwarfs, Pregnant & Lactating Does
- High Fibre Content to Maintain Healthy Digestion, with No Added Colour
- Specially formulated with Smaller-Sized ingredients to Suit Smaller Rabbits
- Includes Natural Prebiotics to promote Healthy Gut Function
- Contains 16% Protein to promote Healthy Growth
- Natural Fibrous ingredients to Aid Dental Wear
- Added Vitamins & Minerals to stay in Peak Condition


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