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Product Description

Seed for Soaking is a mixture specifically formulated for canaries, budgerigars, finches and parakeets that is designed be soaked, then left to sprout and fed as part of your birds overall diet, but the soaked seed should not exceed 15% of your pet birds food, but can be increased to 25% in breeding or aviary birds if required!

You can soak, cook or germinate the seed to make the soaking seed mixture easier for your birds to digest. Germinating the soaking seed starts the enzymatic process, makes the seed extremely digestible, releases amino acids in the seed and increases the level of vitamins A, B and E, whilst the starch found in the seeds that is indigestible is converted to beneficial digestible sugars.

Please note that warmth and moisture are required to germinate the soaking seed, but this is also a good medium for bacteria to grow, so it's important to wash the sprouted seeds thoroughly before feeding them to your birds. Soaked, germinated or cook seeds can be fed by themselves, mixed with soft food or eggfood such as EMP or Cede, but we advise that you remove any soaking seed after 24 hours.

Soaking Seed - Instructions for Soaking, Geminating or Cooking

Soaking instructions: Rinse the seed thoroughly, then soak the seed for 3 to 24 hours until the seed swells in size, then rinse again, drain and feed the same day for freshness.

Germinating instructions: Rinse the seed thoroughly, soak the seeds for at least 6 to 12 hours at room temperature, changing the water from time to time, but we recommend 24 hours, then rinse once more, allow to germinate for 24 to 48 hours in germinating trays.

Use of an airing cupboard for a high humidity can be utilised or put the seeds on top of a radiator and cover the germination tray with a wet cloth to encourage the soaked seeds to sprout, finally rinse the sprouted seeds and feed the same day.

Cooking instructions: Rinse the soak seed, boil for approximately 10 minutes, then simmer the seed for another 45 minutes, rinse once more, then allow to cool and feed straight away.

Soaking Seed contains: Canary Seed, Rapeseed, White Millet, Naked Oats, Black Rapeseed, Safflower Seed, Mung Beans, Red Dari, Wheat, Japanese Millet


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