Skinners Field & Trial Muesli Mix Dog Food 15kg

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Product Description

Skinners Muesli Mix is a VAT FREE, field and trial dog food suitable for all adult dogs with moderate energy requirements, in light training or work, particularly during the closed shooting season. Skinners Muesli Mix is a tasty blend of high quality ingredients including real meat, cooked vegetables, steam cooked flaked cereals and crunchy biscuits.

Beef provides the high levels of protein needed in the muesli mix recipe for the development and maintenance of strong muscles, teeth, bones and for tissue repair, whilst high quality oils give your dog extra energy for working and training in the field.

The combination of cereals, biscuits and cooked vegetables in the skinners field and trial muesli mix help boost the carbohydrate content of the food, guaranteeing the release of energy throughout the working day, sustaining vital stamina when needed for a full day in the field or on the farm!

Just like Skinners Ruff & Ready, the muesli mix is coated with a wheat based glucose syrup to give the dog food, added natural flavour and a distinctive texture. With a variety of tasty ingredients, textures and a delicious moist cereal coating, the yummy mix will tempt even the fussiest dogs to eat a full bowl of food.

Like all field and trial dog food it's free from artificial additives, flavourings and preservatives too!

Nutritional Information

- Protein 21%, Oil 8%, Fibre 3%
- Suitable for all working adult dogs
- Economical, Vat Free 15kg bag sizes
- Muesli mix recipe ideal for fussy dogs
- Delicious mix of high quality ingredients
- Added glucose syrup to enhance natural flavour
- Contains NO artificial additives, preservatives or flavourings

Muesli Mix Ingredients

Protein pellets containing beef meat meal, wheat glucose syrup, cooked flaked maize, extruded wholewheat biscuits, cooked flaked peas, cooked wheatflakes, oils, vitamins, minerals and trace elements


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