Small Foreign Finch Seed By Johnston & Jeff 20kg

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Product Description

Small Foreign Finch Seed is a traditional mix, that is highly nutritious and contains only three ingredients, that are blended to create a tropical finch seed with a lower oil content, that can be fed easily in conjunction with Johnston & Jeff Cage Bird Condition Seed to give variety and flavour if required.

The foreign finch seed contains 50% panicum millet, making the seed blend ideal for small tropical finches, for instance Gouldians and Cordon Bleu, but also contains soft white millet from the USA of the finest quality, that is without doubt the most easily digestible type of proso millet available and 20% canary seed.

Small Foreign Finch Seed Contains: 20% Canary Seed, 50% Australian Panicum and 30% White Millet, Vegetable Oil


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