Solitary Bee Hive

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Product Description

The interactive Solitary Bee Hive and insect box designed by wildlife world is constructed from durable FSC timber with individual cell trays that can be opened and dismantled for inspection or cleaning. The solitary bee hive has been designed specifically to attract non swarming bees like the red mason bee that are gregarious and safe around children and pets. Non swarming bees are naturally attracted to holes in wood and the unique solitary beehive provides a habitat that is not easily found in modern tidy gardens.

Attracting solitary bees to your garden is not only safe, but beneficial to the pollination of flowers, fruit and vegetables and may increase the yield of both fruit and vegetables in your garden. Once bees have found the hive they will lay eggs, ensuring that more bees will appear next season, thus the number of bees that visit your garden will increase year on year.

The bee hive is made from solid timber, which makes the roof, floor and individual nesting trays tough and durable, allowing the hive to be kept outside all year round. The wooden nesting trays are held in place with two stainless steel bolts, allowing the hive to be dismantled, inspected and cleaned easily if necessary, but solitary bees will normally remove debris themselves.

The solitary bee hive should be positioned in a visible warm place, that catches the morning sun, with soil nearby and food sources such as flowers, fruit and orchards. Solitary bees will use the hive from late February onwards, but other beneficial insects will use it over the winter period, to keep out of the cold until the warmer weather arrives. The wildlife world solitary bee hive is approximately 18 cm height x 16 cm width x 17 cm depth.

Solitary Bee Hive - Features

- Certified FSC timber
- Solid durable construction
- Attracts non swarming bees
- Unique solitary bee hive design
- Individual bee hive trays for inspection and cleaning
- Increase the pollination of flowers, fruit and vegetables


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