Supreme Science Selective Rabbit Food 10kg

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Product Description

Supreme Science Selective is a Premium Rabbit Food, consisting of Extruded Biscuit to combat the problem of rabbits that Selectively Feed.

Science Selective is designed to encourage rabbits to Chew in a way that will help avoid Dental Problems. Science Selective is a Nutritionally Balanced, Complete food that is High in Fibre and does not contain Sweetners that cause Obesity & Rotting Teeth.

- A Blend of Premium Quality Raw Materials
- Contains Highly Nutritious Extruded Palatable Biscuits & Natural Herbs
- Contains a High Level of Fibre 19% to promote Gut Motility, Healthy Digestion and even Dental Wear
- Contains Bio-Moss, a Prebiotic which boosts the Immune System, Aids Digestion and improves Caecal Consistency. The Prebiotic acts on Harmful Gut Bacteria, allowing the Beneficial Bacteria to Flourish
- An average Adult Rabbit will need approximately 50gms a day


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