Techni-Cal Solutions Hairball Control Cat Food

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Product Description

Techni-Cal Solutions Hairball Control Cat food is a highly digestible, premium complete food that has been specially formulated with added vegetable fibre derived from peas to prevent hairballs from forming, suitable for all cats from 1 years of age. The natural vegetable fibre helps prevent the formation of hairballs in the stomach allowing the hair to safely and naturally pass through the digestive system.

All cats need to groom themselves, to maintain their fur coats, but some cats are more susceptible to hairballs forming in the intestinal tract, including long haired breeds, indoor, older and inactive cats, causing your cat distress by regurgitating the messy hairballs to remove them.

Like many premium brands, techni-cal hairball control is high in omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, to help prevent hair loss and reduce the amount of hair ingested when your cat grooms themselves, but is available in economical 5kg & 10kg bags that are more affordable than hills or royal canin's hairball varieties!

Regardless of the techni-cal cat food you choose, all the varieties contain only high quality natural ingredients, that are fit for human consumption, that are naturally preserved using Vitamins C & E antioxidants and dried rosemary to create delicious tasty cat foods like hairball control, without the need for cheap chemical additives.

As you would expect from a premium cat food brand, all techni-cal varieties do not contain any artificial colourings or flavourings, only natural ingredients that have been carefully selected to produce tasty crunchy cat biscuits that will also help reduce plaque and tartar build up as your cat chews them.

Techni-cal hairball also contains a range of beneficial supplements for the health and wellbeing of your cat for example chelated minerals such as zinc for a healthy immune system, hormone production, wound healing, bone formation, skin and coat condition. Copper which plays an important role in iron absorption, including bone connective tissue, wound healing and energy production.

Lastly Iron that is used by the body to produce red blood cells, that carry oxygen throughout the body. There is no need to supplement any techni-cal cat food including the hairball control variety with any other food, including wet food.

Techni-Cal Hairball Control Cat Food Nutritional Features

- No artificial colours or flavourings
- Available in economical 5kg or 10kg bags
- High quality naturally preserved ingredients
- Contains taurine for vision and a healthy heart
- Added vegetable fibre to help prevent hairballs forming
- Contains optimum levels of essential vitamins & minerals
- Rich in Omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids to prevent hair loss
- Natural Rosemary + Vitamins C & E help promote a healthy immune system
- High levels of lean, nutritious, chicken for the development of strong muscles
- Natural Pre-Biotic Yucca Schidigera for the growth of beneficial intestinal flora
- Moderate levels of magnesium and ash to reduce stress on kidneys and bladder
- Essential minerals Zinc, Copper & Iron are chelated, making it easier for your cat to absorb increased levels of these essential nutrients


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