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Product Description

Techni-Cal Solutions Urinary Health Cat food is a highly digestible, premium complete food formulated to help maintain urinary tract health in adult cats, by controlling mineral levels and reducing urinary ph. Unfortunately many cats especially male cats in particular can suffer from feline lower urinary tract disease also known as FLUTD, that can cause crystals or stones to develop, irritating the bladder and urethra making it painful and uncomfortable to urinate.

The majority of crystals or struvite that are formed are created as a result of your cat's urine acidity level being to low, but a minority of crystals or oxalate can also be formed if the acidity level of the urine becomes to high. Techni-cal urinary health cat food has been carefully developed by veterinarians and nutritionists to keep the acidity of your cat's urine within the normal range, helping to prevent the formation of struvite crystals.

Unlike most specialist veterinarian foods, the techni-cal urinary cat food is available in economical 5kg or 10kg bags, saving you extra money and a prescription from your vet is not required to purchase a bag!

Like all techni-cal varieties shown on the website, the urinary health cat food contains only high quality natural ingredients, that are fit for human consumption, which are preserved naturally using Vitamins C & E and dried rosemary to create a delicious tasting specialist cat food, without the need for chemical additives. The urinary recipe also contains 50% less fat than the adult chicken or ocean fish varieties to help your cat maintain a healthy weight, making the food suitable for obese or overweight cats too!

As you would expect from a premium complete cat food, the urinary health recipe does not contain any artificial colourings or flavourings, each ingredient has been carefully selected to produce a delicious crunchy cat biscuit that will help reduce plaque and tartar build up with every bite.

Only beneficial supplements are included in each techni-cal variety for instance chelated minerals such as zinc for a healthy immune system, hormone production, wound healing, bone formation, skin and coat condition. Copper which plays an important role in iron absorption, including bone connective tissue, wound healing and energy production.

Lastly Iron that is used by the body to produce red blood cells, that carry oxygen throughout the body. There is no need to supplement Techni-Cal Urinary Health with any other food, including wet food.

Techni-Cal Urinary Health Cat Food Nutritional Features

- No artificial colours or flavourings
- Available in economical 5kg or 10kg bags
- High quality naturally preserved ingredients
- Contains taurine for vision and a healthy heart
- Helps prevent the formation of struvite crystals
- Contains optimum levels of essential vitamins & minerals
- Natural Rosemary + Vitamins C & E help promote a healthy immune system
- Lower in fat to control and maintain weight in obese, spayed or neutered cats
- High levels of lean, nutritious, chicken for the development of strong muscles
- Natural Pre-Biotic Yucca Schidigera for the growth of beneficial intestinal flora
- Moderate levels of magnesium and ash to reduce stress on kidneys and bladder
- Contains DL-Methionine to help lower urinary pH, essential for urinary tract health
- Essential minerals Zinc, Copper & Iron are chelated, making it easier for your cat to absorb increased levels of these essential nutrients


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