TPP Chinchilla Pellet Food 12.5kg

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Chinchilla Pellets are nutritionally balanced with all the essential vitamins and minerals squashed into bite sized pellets, rather than a complete muesli mix that allows chinchilla's to selectively eat what they fancy, regardless of it's nutritional value! The extruded TPP chinchilla pellets contain all the ingredients found in a blended chinchilla food, but in compressed pellets that are low in fat, high in fibre and should be fed with good quality hay that is dust free, as it's an essential source of fibre, that will aid the digestion process.

Chinchillas are junk food addicts and will eat almost anything which tastes nice, consequently for many owners feeding a complete chinchilla pellet makes sense and will help avoid illness caused by poor nutrition.

Many owners will testify that if you watch your chinchilla, they will eat all the yummy bits first from a complete muesli mix, then if your lucky eat a few bits that are good for them or refuse to eat any of the healthy ingredients of the food, simply because they do not taste as good.

Selective feeding by your chinchilla can cause health problems, so it's important to watch your chinchilla's feeding habits and try to ensure they receive a nutritionally balanced diet with the correct vitamins and minerals to avoid costly trips to the vet. Consequently feeding chinchilla pellets with plenty of hay is one way to ensure your furry friend receives a balanced diet to keep them fit and active!

TPP Chinchilla Pellets - Nutritional Information

- Low in fat to prevent obesity
- High in fibre to assist gut function
- Protein: 17%, Oil 4.5%, Fibre 14%, Ash 7%
- Chinchilla pellets are ideal for selective feeders
- Help avoid illness caused by poor nutritional intake
- Contain all the essential vitamins and minerals in bite sized pellets


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