Wafcol Rite Weight Dog Food 15kg

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Product Description

Wafcol Rite Weight Dog Food has been carefully formulated to meet all the nutritional requirements of an Overweight or Less Active Dog that requires a food that is lower fat. Wafcol Rite Weight is much lower in fat than Wafcol's standard dog foods and contains only 3% fat, but is higher carbohydrates to prevent hunger and consequent begging and scavenging.

Wafcol Rite Weight provides a satisfying meal with all the essential vitamins, minerals and oils your dog needs for good health and well being, but in a low fat recipe. As many as one in three dogs are thought to be Overweight!

An overweight dog faces many of the same health problems as an overweight human; Arthritis, Heart Disease, Breathing Difficulties, Diabetes, Invertebral Disc Conditions, Reduced Resistance to Diseases, Heat Intolerance and a Shorter Life Expectancy.

If you dog needs to lose weight, you should embark on a controlled programme of weight reduction after a discussion with your veterinarian.

Wafcol Complete Rite Weight Dog Food - Nutritional Information:

- Only 3% Fat
- High in Fibre
- Nutritionally Balanced
- Higher in Carbohydrates
- Protein 20%, Oil 3%, Fibre 8%, Ash 5%


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Q: I've unfortunately found out to my own expense that many online sellers are saying they stock genuine suet to go pellets, but when they arrive by courier the pellets are simply cheap, inferior, imported copies. Are your suet pellets the real deal?

Posted On: 29/09/2013 By: Isabella

A: We only sell suet pellets made by Unipet, that make a range of bird food's advertised as Suet to Go, NOT the low quality imports that some online sellers are passing off as high quality alternatives.