Hills Science Plan Hairball Control Cat Food 5kg

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Product Description

Hills Science Plan Hairball Control Cat Food is a nutritionally complete adult food designed to help avoid the formation of hairballs, by including natural plant fibres in the hairball cat food to move hair naturally through your cat's digestive system quickly and safely, without stress.

Hills science plan hairball control is suitable for all adult cats from 1 to 7 years of age, made using only high quality digestible ingredients for example the hills hairball recipe contains a minimum of 46% chicken, 16% turkey or 62% combined, that does not contain any artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or fillers used in cheap cat foods to give them bulk or animal derivatives!

Like all hills science plan adult varieties, the hairball food contains only beneficial supplements like Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids to help nourish the skin and promote a healthy glossy coat, with added taurine to help maintain normal heart function and retinal structure.

Hills science plan hairball control has the same nutritional benefits as adult cat food varieties, but is much more effective at reducing the formation of hairballs, caused by your cat swallowing clumps of hair when grooming themselves, allowing a hairball to be digested and expelled normally avoiding unnecessary coughing and vomiting to remove it from their stomachs.

Just like other hills science plan cat varieties, the hairball control food will provide you cat with a balance of energy, protein, essential vitamins and minerals, with a unique antioxidant formula to boost your adult cat's immune system, reduce cell damage and aid growth to give your cat extra protection against potential diseases.

Hills hairball control is also low in both magnesium and phosphorous like the entire range of hills science plan cat food varieties, to help protect your cat's urinary tract and to maintain healthy functioning kidneys, by controlling the level of phosphorus in the hairball cat food.

Nutritional Features of Hills Science Plan Hairball Control Cat Food:

- Protein 31.1%, Fat 20.1%, Fibre 7.5%
- No artificial preservatives, flavours or added colours
- Daily feeding of hills hairball control will reduce hairball formation
- Made from 100% high quality Ingredients, with no unwanted fillers
- Contains antioxidants vitamins E & C for a healthy immune system
- Easy to digest cat food with high quality, highly digestible ingredients
- Added plant fibres to move a hairball quickly through your cat's digestion
- Added taurine to help maintain normal heart function and retinal structure
- High quality protein and minerals help maintain strong bones and muscles
- Controlled levels of magnesium and ph levels to support urinary tract health
- Contains high levels of Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids for a healthy skin and glossy coat


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