Premium Husk Free Wild Bird Food 20kg

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Product Description

Our premium wild bird food is a high energy, no mess bird seed that's husk free, wheat free and includes delicious suet pellets that is suitable for all wild birds and contains a variety of seeds ideal for blackbirds, thrushes & softbills and naturally occurring wild seeds and grasses for finches, sparrows and other seedeaters. All the ingredients are husk free so there's no mess to clear up and the premium wild bird food has been enhanced with the inclusion of suet pellets to provide a high nutrient level and energy intake for the birds that visit your garden.

The yellow insect suet pellets, in the premium bird seed contain insectivorous protein, whilst the red suet pellets contain berries, a natural source of vitamin C and antioxidants, making the wheat free, high energy wild bird food extremely popular will all birds, including small beaked seed eaters, but also our customers as it's good value for money!

The high quality wild bird food contains approximately 20 different types of naturally occurring wild seeds and 10 other premium ingredients that are NOT found in regular bird foods including: canary seed, natural groats, milo, millet, wild seeds, suet pellets, sunflower hearts, sorghum, rapeseed, peanut nibs, aniseed oil and vegetable oil.

Each ingredient in the wild bird food has been specifically chosen for it's high energy content and to attract the widest selection of birds into your garden, that's why the husk free blend also contains a high proportion of sunflower hearts which are eaten by almost all bird species, that are high in energy and easily digested.

Feeding a husk free, no mess bird food not only keeps your lawn and patio free from seed husks, but will also prevents any seed from germinating and creating unwanted mess and weeds, giving you more time to watch the birds from the comfort of your house, rather than clearing up after them!

Why not try some of the other premium no mess bird foods featured on this website, for example the Spring & Summer Mix which is a high energy, wild bird seed that has been specially formulated for the start of spring or perhaps the Robin & Songbird Mix that contains a blend of insects, peanut granules, millet, oatmeal and sunflower hearts to attract a wide variety of colourful songbirds into your garden?

Premium No Mess Bird Seed - Feeding Tips

Unfortunately the natural resources that provide wild birds with vital nutrients are more scarce, so it's become essential to feed your garden birds all year round, not just during the cold winter months. Once you have started to feed them using any of the premium wild bird food blends or straight seeds featured on the website it's important to continue and develop a routine, as the birds will become reliant upon your help regardless of the season!

We advise our customers to refill feeders at the beginning of the day using a high quality bird food so that birds can replace the energy they have lost overnight, which can then be topped up mid-afternoon if necessary. We also suggest you have multiple feeding areas in your garden if possible, to prevent overcrowding so that all the birds get a chance to feed especially the small ones!

Bird Food ingredients to avoid?

Cheap bird food's often contain ingredients such as wheat and barley grains or worse still split peas, beans, rice and lentils that are added by some bird food manufacturers, simply to bulk up the foods and give the impression to customers they're good value for money, when in reality low quality bird foods only attract pigeons, doves and pheasants, which unfortunately intimidate the smaller species and deter them from visiting your feeders.

So please look at the quality of the ingredients and where possible look at the actual seed itself to avoid buying an inferior mix, that you may regret purchasing later and select a high quality bird seed, that's suitable for a wide selection of birds that you want to visit your garden.

What birds are attracted to the premium ingredients?

Unlike many other premium wild bird's advertised on the internet, the premium husk free blend is also wheat free, consequently the food will attract fewer pigeons and doves than a standard all purpose bird seed and appeal to a wide selection of small and large wild birds, including colourful songbirds for example: Tits, Bramblings, Finches, Dunnocks, Buntings, Greenfinches, Sparrows, Linnet, Thrush, Nuthatch, Robin, Siskin, Stonechat, Song Thrush, Starling, Blackbird, Yellow Hammer.

Nutritional Information:

- Protein 19%, 515 calories per 100g
- High proportion of sunflower hearts
- Added suet pellets for high nutrient and energy levels
- Premium husk free, wheat free, no mess wild bird seed
- Contains 20 x naturally occurring wild seeds and grasses for softbills and seedeaters


Customer Reviews (3)

Perfect & the birds love it.Review by WAL
Exellent product, no mess whatsoever & the birds seem to love it which is all that matters. The 1st time I've purchased this brand & it certainly will not be the last. Valupets do as they say are going to do, order & its delivered next day. Excellent service all round, if you haven't tried them, give Valupets a try, you will not be disappointed & more importantly neither will the birds. (Posted on 18/03/2017)
This food the.... Review by Mrs C
This food is the best we've ever found. All our birds like it, from the "common" garden birds to yellowhammers and siskins. Your service is exemplary, I order one day and it's here the next. You have one very happy customer and loads of very happy birds! (Posted on 24/09/2015)
I have using.... Review by Roz K
I have been using this feed in my garden feeders all through the year. There is no waste, the birds love it, and it's really clean, with not dust at all.
It's great value food and I recommend it highly - the price enables me to keep my birds fed, as against other manufacturers who's food is prohibitively expensive to put out in the garden unfortunately. (Posted on 24/09/2015)

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