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Product Description

Robin and Insect wild bird food, is now called Robin and Songbird Mix, as it's suitable for all Softbills, not just robins, but colourful songbirds too with small and slender beaks such as Wrens, Yellow Hammers, Pipits, Thrush, Blackbird and Wagtails that will thrive on this high energy, high carb blend of robin wild bird food that has been especially formulated for them.

The robin, insect and songbird wild bird food, will ensure your garden is alive with song from all the warbling birds, that will be attracted by the high energy food blend, that contains soft digestible seeds and grain with dried insects, such as mealworms.

Robins are one of the most popular garden and woodlands birds seen in the UK, that are easily identified by their red breast, face and chin, that will become quite tame if fed tasty insects, mealworms or seed on a regular basis!

But they are notoriously aggressive and territorial consequently we recommend purchasing a bag of robin and songbird or our premium husk free wild bird food, that includes insects, rather than a specific robin food to encourage lots of wild bird species, including songbirds into your garden.

Although you can buy robin food, that has been formulated with ingredients specifically to attract robins to your garden, it simply makes no sense as robins are one of the few wild birds that are territorial all year round, so on average bird lovers will only have a few visit their garden. In summer you are more likely to see more robins, as a breeding pair will defend the same territorial area, until winter arrives when a robin will defend its individual winter territory against other intruders.

Robin food is sold by many bird food suppliers, but usually in small bags making the blended seed and insect mix more expensive per kg, when compared to our husk free robin and songbird mix that is cheaper and will also attract a variety of colourful birds to your garden, that is sold in economical 15kg bags saving you extra money and trips to your local pet shop or garden centre for more!

The most important protein for fledgling growth regardless of species is insectivorous protein which makes this robin and songbird food, very suitable for use in the spring and summer, particularly with 20% Japanese Millet included, but can be fed all year round to all the the robins and song birds that visit your garden.

The wild bird food is 100% natural and contains only high quality ingredients, that are rich in oil and proteins, with added insects to produce a bird food that is irresistible, additive free, high in nutrients and energy.

The robin and songbird wild bird food blend contains; pinhead oatmeal because it is a valuable source of high energy and essential carbs, suitable for wild birds with small slender beaks.

Sunflower hearts from black oil sunflowers, are also included in the specially blended robin bird food as they contain more energy, than other sunflower varieties, along with Gammarus a small dried shrimp that is high in energy, similar to mealworms that are high in fat and a good source of insectivorous protein.

Peanut granules instead of whole peanuts are also used in the robin and songbird mix as they are finely chopped to avoid young fledglings and smaller birds choking unnecessarily, as young hungry fledglings will often try to swallow peanuts whole.

Purely in nutritional terms the robin and insect food is a superior blended wild bird food, that is truly universal, highly nutritious and palatable to all song birds and will attract many wild bird species to your garden, including robins that can be fed from a seed feeder, wild bird table or ground feeder.

Robin & Songbird Wild Bird Food Contains: Sunflower Hearts, Pinhead Oatmeal, Peanut Granules, Japanese Millet, Gammarus, Shrimp, Mealworms & Insects.

Suitable for Robins, Songthrush, Mistle Thrush, Wrens and Pipits, but also Tits, Finches, Bramblings, Linnets, Buntings, Dunnocks, Yellow Hammer.

Robin, Songbird & Insect Wild Bird Food - Nutritional Information:

- Protein 24.5%, 508 calories per 100g
- High energy, high carb, premium robin wild bird food
- Contains soft digestible seeds with added dried insects
- Suitable for all birds, including robins, songbirds and softbills
- High proportion of sunflower hearts, peanut granules & pinhead oatmeal


Customer Reviews (2)

Speedy delivery serviceReview by Alyson
Service excellent and speedy as always, so easy to deal with Valupets. Birds love this seed, they eat everything, with other seeds they pick out the bits they want and I was left with a bird table of some seed that they would not eat, which I would have to throw away. Much better value for money. (Posted on 25/10/2016)
Superb and swift.... Review by DL Y
Superb and startlingly swift service - and great value! (Posted on 24/09/2015)

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