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Product Description

Insect, Berry & Mealworm Suet Pellets are delicious, easy to digest and packed with energy, suitable for all wild birds including young and adult birds, as suet pellets do not have the same choking hazard as peanuts, consequently they can be safely fed all year round especially during the breeding and moulting seasons when extra energy is needed and in winter when food is scarce.

Many birds use the UK for migration over winter, to escape the harsh weather conditions in their native countries, either stopping to feed and build up their fat reserves before moving on or arriving from the north to spend the warmer winter here, but it's vital they have access to high energy, high protein packed foods such as suet pellets, peanuts, sunflower hearts and naturally occurring seeds, insects and berries if they are to survive the journeys they've made.

Suet Pellets are ideal for all wild bird species, especially those that have difficulty eating suet products such as cakes or blocks as the pellets are bite sized, soft in texture and extremely palatable, so there is little or no wastage. The pellets are also versatile and can be mixed with your favourite wild bird food or seed straight for example sunflower hearts, to boost the calorie content of the food and spice things up!

NO specialist feeder is required, allowing suet pellets to be fed from a standard seed feeder, wild bird table, ground feeder or simply scattered on the ground for your birds to squabble over as they are fledgling safe. You can even feed suet pellets from a peanut feeder, but we suggest you use a rain guard or feeding tray attachment, so that your birds can stop and feed more easily.

Please note we've recently changed the size of the bulk suet pellets from 10kg to 12.75kg as the new bags are VAT FREE saving you money and available in the three most popular flavours berry, insect and mealworm!

Suet pellets are relished by all birds, including softbills and ground feeding birds such as blackbirds, thrushes and robins, but if you want to ensure the smaller species get a chance to eat the delicious pellets, why not feed them from a bird table or live food feeder to limit the size of birds who have access to them?

Unlike feeding a standard bird seed, there's no germination risk and virtually no mess to clear up under feeders as bird's seldom leave any pellets, making them ideal for keen gardeners that want the birds to visit, but want to keep mess to a absolute minimum.

Berry Suet Pellets are packed full of energy and provide your birds with essential minerals and vitamins, including additional vitamin C which aids tissue growth, adrenal gland function, is an antioxidant and helps build up the immune system of the birds that visit your garden.

Whilst the Mealworm and Insect Suet Pellets provide insectivorous proteins and increase energy levels helping adult wild birds during the breeding season to provide essential insectivorous protein for fledgling growth.

Natural alternatives such as caterpillars, earthworms and insects can often become unavailable due to poor weather conditions, making life extremely difficult for parents raising young birds, so these high energy pellets can provide them with a lifeline to raise their fledglings, but also importantly help them maintain their fat reserves and energy levels during the cold winter months to survive those frosty long nights.

Regardless of the variety you choose all the bulk suet pellets we sell online are identical to the premium high energy Suet to Go pellets, that are normally sold by pet shops and garden centres in expensive small packets or boxes!

Our high protein pellets are made using soya oil NOT palm oil that is easier for birds to digest, 100% vegetable based and formulated using a no melt recipe to withstand all weather conditions and recommended by ornithologists and avian specialists as a nutritious food source suitable for year round feeding, that's also FDA approved and certified in the USA.

High energy pellets are fast becoming a common feeding stuff for our bird loving customers, simply because they can be used to enhance even a basic seed mix and irresistible to most wild birds including Robins, Woodpeckers, Blue Tits, Nuthatches, Thrushes and Blackbirds, available in large economical bags in various flavours and can be dispensed virtually from any wild bird feeder you may have, without the expense of purchasing a specialist suet pellet feeder.

Suet is one of the most concentrated easily metabolised high energy foods available for wild birds, that is manufactured using pure refined animal or vegetable fat, which is then mixed with various ingredients such as mealworms, insects, fruit, seed, berry and peanuts to produce appetizing pellets your wild birds will love!

Suet pellets are very similar to traditional fat balls, as they are also made from vegetable or animal fat and cheaper to buy especially in large quantities, but pellets are more convenient to feed as they can be blended or feed by themselves, however if you still find them too expensive we recommend you hang out a few fat balls for your birds instead, that are a great alternative to natural insect protein.

Food shortages can always occur, even during the traditional spring and summer breeding months because it's too wet or dry reducing the availability of natural foods, for example if the soil is too hard ground feeders such as blackbirds and song thrushes can't forage for earthworms, so high energy fat foods can help the survival rates of your visiting birds.

Due to customer demand we now sell our most popular bulk suet pellets in a multi saver 25kg box, that includes any combination of the following two varieties Insect, Mealworm or Berry, saving you even more money!

Bulk Suet Pellets - Multi Saver 25kg Box Deal

You can select any of the following popular combinations:

Berry & Mealworm
Insect & Berry
Mealworm & Insect

Each bag of suet will then cost you only £25.98

Please note the economical 25kg multi saver box of either Insect, Berry or Mealworm pellets, also includes Free Mainland UK Delivery!

Suet Pellets - Key Features

- High energy content
- 100% vegetable based
- Attractive to all wild bird species
- No specialist suet feeder required
- No melt pellets made with soya oil
- No choking hazard for young hungry fledglings
- Suitable for seed feeders, bird tables or ground feeders
- Suet pellets can be fed all year round regardless of season
- Can be mixed with your favourite wild bird seed or straights


Customer Reviews (6)

Excellent service and.... Review by Caroline W
Excellent service always and high quality products. Very quick delivery and helpful customer service. (Posted on 24/09/2015)
Arrived in than.... Review by Josh S
Arrived in less than 24hrs, selection of suet pellets is a bargain compared with the small packets we previously use to buy, will buy from seller again and recommend to friends (Posted on 24/09/2015)
Used to pellets.... Review by Alyson T
Used to buy pellets from one of the large pet food retailers - they only sell small packets - worked out very expensive, especially when the birds are feeding their young - some of the birds are nearly knocking on the back door when they have eaten them all !!!
Excellent value - a superb product. Thank you - your service is the best !!
Will be using Valupets for many years to come. (Posted on 24/09/2015)
Just wanted to.... Review by Maureen A
Just wanted you to know the quality of the suet pellets that I have ordered
twice from you recently have far exceeded any that I have ordered online
before. The bags have hardly any dust in them which is great and bags are always packaged very well.Thank you for a great and fast service.

(Posted on 24/09/2015)
WOW what value.... Review by William P
WOW what great value for money. Your company has the best prices on the internet. The service is a step above the rest as well. Plus the most important thing is the birds loves the suet pellets. I took advantage of the three bag deal and mixed them together in a bin and the birds go crazy for them. I have never had so many birds in my garden before it is great. My granddaughter sits in the conservatory and eats her lunch and watches the birds every Sunday with us. (Posted on 24/09/2015)
I used buy.... Review by Henry L
I used to buy the small packs of suet to go from yourselves, then I found the large 10Kg bags plus to now get 3 bags for that price they are great value for money. The delivery has always been swift and the product in excellent condition. Will use your company from now all for all my wildbird food needs. (Posted on 24/09/2015)

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