Wild Bird Food Peanut Splits 25kg

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Product Description

Peanut splits are just as nutritious as whole peanuts, they are high in calories, energy and rich in fibre and fat, but are a cheaper alternative to the increasing cost of whole peanuts. Our premium peanut splits are just whole peanuts that have split during the sorting process, where they are cleaned, graded and placed in sacks, that will appeal to the same variety of wild bird species visiting your garden to feed as whole peanuts!

Peanuts are a valuable food source for wild birds, that are available in various sizes, including whole, split and granules that are can be feed to your visiting wild birds all year round, but especially between April and September when fledglings are around, as parents require extra energy from high energy wild bird food sources, like peanuts, sunflower hearts, suet pellets and fat balls to raise their young successfully.

We always recommend to our customers to feed whole peanuts or splits from a high quality feeder, that is secure to prevent large pieces of peanut from being taken by parents, to feed hungry fledglings as young birds can choke on them if swallowed. Never feed loose peanuts from a wild bird table to prevent small birds or hungry fledglings from choking, but you can safely feed peanut granules, that are bite sized pieces of peanut from a bird table or ground feeder, that fledglings and small wild birds find easy to digest!

Peanut splits, just like whole or peanut granules can be infected with a fungus, called aflatoxin which can be toxic to wild birds. Since there is no clear evidence of what is a safe level for wild bird consumption, we only sell Grade 1, Aflatoxin Safe Nuts, unlike some online wild bird food suppliers!

Please note all our peanut varieties sold on the website, are fresh nuts, not stale or old batches that have been stored in warehouses for several months or years, where they could of become infected with Aflatoxin mould, before being sold for wild bird food.

Peanut splits are eaten by the following wild bird species: Blue Tit, Bullfinch, Chaffinch, Coal Tit, Goldfinch, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Great Tit, Greenfinch, House Sparrow, Long-tailed Tit, Siskin & Starling.

Peanut Nutritional Information & Features:

- 100% natural and additive free
- Protein 25%, 564 calories per 100g
- Peanuts are high in calories, energy, fibre and fat
- Available in economical 25kg bags with free delivery
- Peanut splits should always be fed from a secure mesh feeder


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Ordered, delivered day..... Review by catherine c
Ordered, delivered next day. Great stuff. First order with this company and really impressed.

My garden birds love it. Why spend more on premium bird peanuts? (Posted on 24/09/2015)

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