Mealworms for Wild Birds 220g

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Dried Mealworms are 100% natural, there're additive free, nutritious and wild birds find them absolutely irresistible, they are rich in protein and fat, high in energy and can be fed all year round either as a treat or mixed with any blended wild bird food to make it more enticing. Mealworms can be feed dry or soaked in warm water for a few minutes to re-hydrate them, to make them easier to swallow especially for parents feeding their young fledglings.

Dried mealworms are suitable for a wide range of animals and pets including Chickens, Ducks, Turkeys, Koi Carp, Tropical Fish, Reptiles, Hedgehogs and Birds. Live mealworms are first frozen and then freeze dried like garden peas to retain their nutritional value, texture, colour and taste, that we sell in re-sealable, recyclable plastic tubs and bags, including bulk boxes.

Mealworms are a vegetarian larvae they are clean, odourless and relished by many species of wild bird making them very popular with bird lovers that want to attract lots of different birds into their gardens. The larvae feed on germs found on damp, stored grain and cereals and they make an excellent high protein food for insectiverous birds such as; Wrens, Robins, Blackbirds and Tits.

The larvae are made up of 40% fat and 48% crude protein approximately, so mealworms offer wild birds an excellent source of energy and water, especially for the development of skeletal growth in young fledglings, before they leave the nest.

With the decrease of natural habitats for birds, due to intensive farming and loss of hedgerows and woodland it's not surprising that natural alternatives such as worms, larvae and beetles are more scarce, so feeding a range of wild foods including dried mealworms will provide your garden birds with an important source of food.

Lastly freeze dried mealworms are an excellent alternative to live mealworms that are more expensive and ideal for those people who would prefer not to handle live foods that wriggle or are just squeamish. We now sell dried mealworms in economical 10 litre tubs that are cheaper than small bags, with Free Delivery to any UK Mainland address, excludes scottish highlands and islands.

- Don't wriggle
- Easy to store and feed
- Suitable for all wild birds
- High in energy, protein and fat
- Endorsed by the BTO, BSA and RSPB


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