Wild Bird Food Peanut Granules 12.75KG

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Product Description

Peanut Granules are simply bite size pieces of peanut, that have been granulated to make them fledgling safe and attractive to all wild birds that visit your garden, including the smaller varieties who will find them more easy to eat and digest in comparison to whole nuts or peanut splits.

Granules appeal to a larger variety of birds, including the smaller species for one simple reason, they are easy to swallow. Unlike whole peanuts that need to be broken into pieces first, allowing all your wild birds to enjoy this high energy, oil rich food with the minimum of effort, including blackbirds, dunnocks, robins, nuthatches and tits, not just those that can hang from a feeder for longer, because they are larger and stronger than smaller bird species, to break whole peanuts into bite sized bits!

We always advise customers to feed peanut granules, especially during the breeding season, as hungry young fledglings are less likely to choke on granulated nuts, than whole peanuts. Always feed whole peanuts from a secure feeder, never loose on a wild bird table or on the ground to prevent small birds from choking unnecessarily.

Peanut Granules also known as Peanut Nibs' or Peanut Hearts' are extremely nutritious, they are high in calories, high in energy, but also rich in fibre and fat that can be fed from a standard seed feeder, wild bird table or ground feeder, then mixed with your favourite wild bird food or straight seed to increase the overall nutritional value, for example Sunflower Hearts.

Granules are also used by some fishing enthusiasts to bait carp, as they too are attracted by the high fat, high energy food that is used by anglers as ground bait or added to home-made boilies as an attractant with other yummy ingredients, such as chilli flakes.

If you are lucky enough to be visited by hedgehogs and enjoy their company, why not create your own hedgehog food by mixing peanut granules, dried mealworms and pinhead oatmeal available on the website to create a delicious hearty meal, to keep them coming back for more?

Unlike whole peanuts, granules can be safely fed loose from a bird table or ground feeder regardless of season, making them a valuable food source for wild birds particularly between April and September when fledglings are around, giving them vital energy to successful raise healthy youngsters.

Lastly the granules, splits and whole peanuts sold on the website are Grade 1, Aflotoxin tested safe nuts, that have NOT been stored in a warehouse for month and months, so they remain as fresh as possible.

Due to demand for our granulated nuts, we now sell peanut granules in economical 25kg sacks, with Free Delivery to any UK Mainland address, excludes Scottish Highlands and Islands.

Peanut Granules - Nutritional Information & Features

- Protein 27%, 605 calories per 100g
- Hedgehogs find peanut granules irresistible too!
- Peanut Granules are high in calories, oils and energy
- Versatile can be fed from a wild bird table, seed or ground feeder
- Ideal for fledglings and small birds who can choke on whole peanuts
- Available in economical 25kg sacks with free delivery, excluding Scottish Highlands


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I was pleased.... Review by Patricia O
I was very pleased to discover these peanut granules. They are not available from the RSPB website. They are reasonably priced and a great hit with the birds. I combine them with sunflower seed hearts - all very neat and nutritious. They are ideal for young birds. (Posted on 24/09/2015)

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